Why does Cegid Data Lab rely on reverse mentoring?

in Cegid Data Lab is an acceleration program based in Station F. Founded in 2020 by French technology pioneer Segid, it is designed for early-stage startups that develop a project based on data. At the heart of this program is support in the form of mentoring, which benefits both startups… and the mentors themselves. Pierre-Antoine Roy, Head of Data Lab at Cegid, talks about the benefits of this reverse mentoring and declares a set to the second class.

beneficial circle reverse mentoring

Mentoring is an important support for Cegid Data Lab startups. “Our startups need accompaniment in subjects of a different nature, but cannot recruit senior profiles for each of them. Therefore, they must rely on external people with specialized knowledge, rarely“explains Pierre-Antoine Roy.

Each selected startup must arrive with three problems to solve during the nine-month acceleration program. They can discuss these topics with a dozen Cegid experts during speed dates. Companies then have the opportunity to select three mentors, one for each problem identified. Throughout the program, startups meet monthly with each mentor to address their challenges.

The challenges faced by the participants are varied: technical, commercial and even marketing. By helping startups overcome the challenges they face, mentors also learn. “Discovering new tools, new methods… They implement this knowledge and then pass it on to their teams, which contributes to the transformation of Cegid.“says Pierre-Antoine Roy. A sentiment shared by various mentors.

Discussing with our startups is a pleasure. They remind us that nothing is impossible for someone who wants to try. Essentially, risk is the oxygen that keeps them moving! Finding the right balance to guide them in their choices without trying to forge them in our image and likeness is a lesson in humility.” says Jean Huey, Head of Product Marketing at Cegid.

Mentoring sessions allow me to develop my teaching skills; together with them, I was also able to better understand how to improve the journey and the process of integrating new customers.“, confirms Antoinette Van Dalen, Corporate Account Manager at Cegid. For his part, Olivier Ciono, Director of Retail Product Management at Cegid, notes that “it is interesting to discuss the issues of entrepreneurs heart to heart and see their progress in a few months.”I am impressed and inspired by the speed of execution of these startups“, he continues.

Benefits of Cegid Data Lab

In addition to mentoring from Cegid experts, startups participating in the acceleration program have access to other benefits. Cegid Data Lab organizes two workshops per month in the form of experience feedback or best practice sharing. After that, startups have the opportunity to have an individual discussion with an expert.

Another highlight of the program: founder’s stories. An entrepreneur goes to a meeting with participants to talk about his career and his experience. This discussion, liberated and often intimate, allows you to approach the difficulties that arise without taboos.

In addition to these activities, there is a real spirit of promotion and mutual assistance in Cegid Data Lab. “Guilds” have also been created to discuss common issues between CEOs or CTOs of different startups. An alumni network will soon be established and will seek to bring together participants in the various upcoming actions. In addition, startups can access the UX/UI lab to test their solutions, as well as collaborate directly with Cegid on their clients’ issues. Finally, being located at Station F gives access to a particularly rich ecosystem. Networked, close to investment funds… There are many opportunities to take advantage of this unique location.

Recruitment for the second promotion is open

While the acceleration program for the first promotion of Cegid Data Lab will end in September, Cegid has already opened a set for the second promotion. To participate, startups must meet several criteria.

First, they must have a data project, it goes without saying. We prioritize projects related to retail, human resources, finance and accounting: these are the historical areas of Cegid. Our program then targets early-stage startups that have already developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and are starting to sell it. Finally, the DNA and mindset of the founders is important: we are looking for people who are willing to share and help each other.” says Pierre-Antoine Roy.

Interested startups can apply online by June 30, 2022 by completing this form. online quiz.