Where to invest more than 100,000 euros in 2022?

The current period is crystallizing a number of uncertainties that may push people to keep large amounts of savings. However, with the return of inflation, holding large sums in savings books and life insurance in euro funds has never caused savers to lose so much money. What investments should you turn to in order to invest more than 100,000 euros in 2022? What investments to choose in terms of inflation?

Why shouldn’t investments of €100,000 or more be put off too long?

The famous saying “time is money” has never been so true. With inflation reaching 5% within a year, not investing cash is getting more and more expensive.

€100,000 not invested in 2022 means a loss of approximately €5,000 of equivalent purchasing power in one year.

If investments such as savings accounts or life insurance funds in euros are still making some money, it is too far from the rate of inflation to keep your money safe in the long run.

Therefore, it makes no sense to keep unused amounts, unless they are intended to serve a specific short-term project, such as buying a property or starting a business. For everything else, it’s better to invest. But where ?

What are the best investments in an inflationary environment?

Bonds can return interest if rates rise. As far as stocks are concerned, the uncertainty is very real given the current changing environment. If financial markets can be a good investment against inflation because they appropriate the wealth created, it is nonetheless necessary to be vigilant and, above all, to have a certain degree of technical knowledge.

For whom : For well-informed people at high risk

  • Property in SCPI form

Real estate investment companies or SCPI allow real estate investment without any management by individuals.

This includes investments in so-called tertiary real estate such as stores, logistics or business premises, or even clinics and managed residences.

Individual holders of SCPI shares will receive rent in the form of income, which can reach up to 6% net, i.e. rates are higher than current inflation. In addition, they will benefit from the potential increase in the value of the property, as the value of the shares may appreciate in value over time.

Business rent is likely to rise with inflation. Mechanically, this can also support rising property prices.

Thus SCPI is approaching the current period with many benefits. Inflation can lead to a potential increase in returns beneficial to investors.

For whom : For all individuals at moderate risk

How to invest more than 100,000 euros in the best inflation investments?

  • How to invest more than 100,000 euros in financial markets?

The motto is diversification, so it is better to create a portfolio of several directions or delegate management to a serious house manager. And for maximum performance while reducing costs, it is better to choose an online broker. To mitigate the risk, experts recommend investing in installments.

How to properly invest in financial markets ? Monthly investing part of the amount in an online broker with a reduced commission

  • How to invest more than 100,000 euros in SCPI?

As with financial markets, it’s best to diversify and build a portfolio with multiple SCPIs. This technique, invented by the #1 platform in the SCPI market: Central SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com), allows you to diversify industries and geographic areas of investment.

However, there is no need to invest gradually, there is no point in smoothing entry points, because SCPI shares have extremely low volatility.

“SCPI is real estate investment. Therefore, individuals very often invest amounts exceeding 100,000 euros. Amounts between €300,000 and €500,000 are also quite common. If we compare it to traditional real estate, it makes perfect sense,” explains Gregory Mouliunier, founder Central SCPI.

The advantage of SCPI online platforms such as Central SCPI is that they expose the entire SCPI market to clients, unlike banks or asset management advisors who very often only have a limited pool of SCPIs, limiting diversification.

How to properly invest in SCPI? With the help of a specialized platform such as La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com /, since there are no additional costs for using their services.

With persistent inflation on the way, people should seek to protect and increase their savings. What could be better than investing in real estate, which increases the efficiency of up to 6%, to finally earn a savings income?


An investment in SCPI is not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets.

Before making a decision to buy SCPI stock, seek professional advice to ensure that this investment is in line with your asset profile.

Finally, as with any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long term investments with a minimum holding period of eight years.