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Today, retirement planning can no longer be limited to simply deducting contributions from the payroll. More than ever, it is necessary to anticipate this period of life by preparing for it ahead of time and making wise investment decisions while you are still active. Perlib.fr offers a wide range of suitable solutions.

Choose the right contact person

Faced with the many opportunities that can be offered in a retirement investment plan, it is normal to hesitate. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a professional such as Perlib.fr who, with his experience, will be able to evaluate each personal situation and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

First of all, the experience of a savings specialist allows you to clarify the horizons of his investment project and save considerable time without getting confused in the sometimes technical labyrinths of finding the right product. Through its digital platform and thanks to its modeling tools, Perlib.fr provides its clients with all the know-how of its expert advisors to choose a green pension savings plan that reflects its values ​​as a responsible company.

The most popular investment products, life insurance or PER?

If these two types of investments compete in most people’s minds, then in fact they can complement each other perfectly, and nothing prevents you from using both formulas at the same time.

Features and Benefits of PER

The PER, or Retirement Savings Plan, was created under the Pacte Act of 2019 and replaces the old plans (Perp, Madelin, etc. contracts). This is very beneficial from a tax point of view, as it makes it possible to deduct voluntary payments of up to 10% of income from tax and up to a ceiling of 32,909 euros. It is also possible to opt out of this benefit when you subscribe to be able to take advantage of reduced taxation upon retirement.

What about life insurance?

Extremely popular among savers, life insurance contracts are available on a wide variety of terms. Therefore, it is easy to find the right formula for your situation. These contracts typically offer to repay all or part of the accumulated savings in the form of capital, or convert them into a life annuity to provide additional income. Their tax advantages are also interesting, especially in the event of termination of the contract after the 8-year period of the contract.

Real estate investment, why not dare to stone?

Investing in real estate is also a very suitable solution for a project with an eye on your upcoming retirement. Several scenarios can be envisaged.


Investing in real estate through the Société Civile de Placement Immobilier, or SCPI, is all about investing your money in stone, entrusting it in exchange for a management fee to a management company like Perlib.fr. The manager buys shares in real estate complexes, usually for rent, and regularly pays income to the investor. The cost of buying units is not very high, which makes this investment affordable for the largest number.

Investment in dismemberment

Less well-known, but interesting for medium or long-term investments, the division consists in acquiring for a period fixed at the beginning (usually about fifteen years) the ownership of real estate. This is managed by an institutional landlord who retains the usufruct and collects the rent.

This mechanism allows the investor to eventually benefit from a discount (sometimes up to 40%) on the purchase price and thus become the owner at a reduced cost.

Ultimately, in order to prepare for retirement while securing your investment, it is recommended that you turn to a professional to eliminate any hesitation right from the start.

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