Where and how to invest in Facebook Meta shares?

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Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now the largest social network in the world. It now has over 2 billion users. Also called META Platforms Inc., it has become the most widely used online communication tool. In the stock markets, Facebook shares are among the most traded stocks.

Why invest in the stock market in this financial asset? Are Facebook shares a good investment? Let’s make a ride!

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Why invest in facebook stocks?

This 2022 FB title is the most promising title stock Exchange. The company is currently on the rise, it is the third most famous web company after Google and Amazon. This is why buying Facebook shares has proven itself over the past 10 years. Even if several brands try to compete with this communications giant, this financial asset still remains an effective and more profitable solution in terms of investments.

This social media giant and high technology shows a more satisfactory result from year to year. Compared to 2020, in 2021 its turnover has increased significantly by 35%. The group is growing rapidly and several measures have been taken this year to optimize the result. The group foresees an increase in total costs that will range from $91 billion to $97 billion. He also decided to increase the costs associated with investments, which are in the order of 29-34 billion dollars. Therefore, the group wants to significantly improve servers, data centers, network infrastructure, etc. All this in order to tell you that improving the service will directly affect the result. Thus, Facebook shares still have a very promising future in terms of investment.

That’s not all the group estimates for this 2022 dividend net per share is $14.23 and could rise to $16.98 in 2023. This represents a real opportunity for shareholders.

Sell ​​or buy facebook shares

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Should we sell or buy Facebook shares now? To better understand you, discover different signals.

Signals that determine the growth of the facebook stock price

Keep in mind the different signals for confirmation price increase shares on facebook.

  • the group’s ability to continually increase turnover;
  • Facebook is an international social media giant;
  • This is the third web company at the moment.

facebook share price falling: signals

Several signals should be considered, such as the lack of effectiveness of advertising actions. The competition is also becoming more aggressive for the group due to the emergence of new brands specializing in online communication.

Some information about the stock market on facebook shares

The main source of income for this multinational corporation is none other than digital marketing. As mentioned earlier, the group plans to spend billions of dollars to cover costsmarketing industry digital. Facebook is a creative sign, it is a platform that will always remain interesting for users as it continues to evolve to adapt to generations.

Looking at its growing growth, the uptrend of Facebook shares, we can conclude that investing in FB shares is proving to be good. investments.