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A swivel bracket is a fixing arm whose role is to support your PC screen. This accessory is mounted behind the screen and allows you to easily orient it in all directions.

A PC articulated arm can represent a relatively important investment.

In this article, we will explain to you the good reasons to justify your purchase, especially if you use your computer daily and for long hours.

Significant gain in ergonomics and comfort

People who work in front of a PC screen every day know that it’s not always easy to find a comfortable sitting position.

And in this case, prolonged sitting in the same position can always create real discomfort. Chronic pain in the back and in all the muscles of the body is most often associated with a fixed position of the screen.

With all the desire, the user is forced to curl up or freeze in one position, thereby creating tension in the spine.

Choosing a PC articulated arm means a radical change in the working conditions you impose on yourself. The mobility of the screen in practice is enough to avoid pain.

These ergonomic advantages benefit people who use a PC screen for work, as well as those who use it for leisure or personal use.

Equipping with an articulated arm means being able to adjust the screen to the right height as soon as you sit down at the start of the day, but it also means being able to make the necessary adjustments with just a few swipes throughout the day. during the day.

Standing or sitting accessory

One of the most interesting features of articulated arms is that they allow you to work both sitting and standing with maximum comfort.

Lack of movement during the working day remains a serious but hidden danger for most people. The articulated arm allows you to instantly change position without having to order a new table.

This simple ability to change position allows you to avoid prolonged positions that damage your neck, spine, legs, or even your eyes.

Articulated arms improve work experiencebring flexibility and more freedom.

For a neater office

Having an articulated arm is a way to remove the screen from the table, leaving an empty space that can be used for other purposes.

You will use the freed space as you wish, or for storing various items, or for decorative purposes.

Either way, this workspace freeing up is an opportunity to personalize your office even more, especially in cramped workspaces. You may have photos, your smartphone or a cup of coffee, for example.

In a more practical aspect, this support or articulated arm is used to support your screen, therefore giving more room for other elements such as a keyboard or mouse.

Some tips for getting the most out of your articulated arm

This accessory is very useful for more comfort during long hours of work. However, movements and adjustments are not automatic.

The user must always customize their screen to suit their needs in order to take advantage of the full mobility of their PC screen. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

  • Keep the top of the screen at eye level while you work.
  • The ideal distance between you and the screen will be about the length of your arm. This distance avoids too bright light and provides a more comfortable neck position.
  • To check if the screen position is suitable, you can try watching the PC screen without paying attention to your position. Then check if the position of your neck, back or legs is comfortable. If the screen is correctly positioned, you will be able to watch it without looking down or up.

Investing in an articulated boom will always be the way to operate in better conditions and significantly increase productivity.

These are costs that are also quite justified in terms of the health benefits of the worker.

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