Vladimir Buslaev: a fresh look at finance

The young man began to show a keen interest in finance while studying at the Faculty of Humanities at Brebeuf College. He then helps his father-in-law, a mortgage broker, with several files. He then worked in the sector for a while and even considered making a career there before turning to consulting. “In the mortgage business, the relationship with the client ends when the house is bought. I wanted to develop the relational component for the long term. »

In June 2019, after completing his BA in Finance from HEC Montréal, he joined the SFL Nord-Ouest team to add experience in the insurance industry to his background. During this job, he studied financial planning, an area that better fits his expectations “because it allows clients to receive support in all aspects of their finances.”

Relationships of several generations

In November 2021, he joined Viken Durgerian’s team at IG on Montreal’s West Island as a Financial Security Advisor. A few months later he becomes a partner.

Vicken Durgerian’s four-member team manages $110 million in assets, with an average asset per client of $450,000. The clientele consists mainly of entrepreneurs who have special tax planning needs. Vladimir Buslaev wants to establish relations with them, which he describes as “multi-generational”. “I would like to follow them throughout their lives, to see their children being born, to accompany them in the purchase of their first home and chalet,” he illustrates.

In the meantime, he got his license to practice and took several mutual fund courses. After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, he began earning his certification in financial planning last April. “I have always enjoyed being busy. This is an integral part of my life. I stay true to myself,” he laughs.

Learns first

Arriving in Canada at the age of four, raised by a university-educated mother and grandmother who left a promising career in Ukraine in the hope of a better future, Volodymyr Buslaev was taught to study at a very early age.

The boy excelled in scientific subjects and was strongly encouraged in this direction by those around him. “My mother pushed me a lot to get an education. She taught me at home, bought me math textbooks. Twice a week I went to a private Russian school,” says the young man, who is fluent in French, English, Russian and knows Chinese.

Bold and charismatic

“Vladimir Buslaev is a special person. He is adventurous, bold, but above all charismatic,” describes his biography on the website of the College Sainte-Anne, where he participated in the Défi Monde program during his high school years.

This training took him to China, then to India, where he contributed to the establishment of an English language teaching class in elementary schools. An experience that marked him. “Those years were the best period of my youth. They gave me an open mind and a different way of thinking that I will need in my work today,” adds the chess and mathematics enthusiast.

The value of money

How does this Z, born in January 2000, from a generation notoriously uninterested in the value of money, foresee finance? “After the pandemic, many young people value the present moment more than money, because they did not have the opportunity to enjoy life normally,” he notes.

He notices that some of his friends are spending money without budgeting. Some of the young people among his clients have already accumulated a significant amount of savings but lack the basic financial education to know how to manage their finances. “I just finished my studies at the university, and I have the impression that I am just starting to study finance,” he illustrates.

According to him, one of the problems for young people is that this industry is unattractive at first glance. “Finance has long been associated with serious men in gray jackets using complex words. It looks like something “not fun”. He would like financial education to be more widespread and to teach young people certain fundamentals of finance, such as how to get a loan.

Artificial intelligence and fintech

Vladimir Buslaev takes a fresh look at several aspects of the industry. In particular, he believes that some time-consuming administrative processes for consultants can be streamlined thanks to technologies derived from artificial intelligence and fintech.

“AI can take the profession to the next level by providing more advanced financial planning, for example, to determine the best scenario for retirement payments. »

In his opinion, the work of advisers will change significantly in the next few years. “They will have to look for more advanced expertise, especially in computer science, to execute scripts created by AI-driven software. »

Sources of hope for Ukraine

The last few months have been emotionally difficult for Vladimir Buslaev. “I still have a family in Ukraine. This is a topic that touches me,” he says with a lump in his throat, sure that sometimes at the beginning of the events he had problems sleeping. “My great aunt is still in Kyiv. She had to hide underground. The area where I grew up was bombed. The buildings of my childhood have been demolished. »

“My heart is breaking because of the Ukrainians,” he sighs. However, the resistance and strength of his people are in his eyes a great source of hope for the future. “I am very proud of the courage of people, especially young people and women,” he said, in the same breath welcoming the importance of the help provided by international solidarity.