VivaTech: Cleyrop wants to become a sovereign data partner for large accounts

At Viva Technology, Kleirop, a young specialist in data storage and processing, has done his job: sovereignty. “Our entire infrastructure uses companies headquartered in the European Union,” sums up Arnaud Müller, co-founder of Cleyrop along with Jérôme Valat, Lauren Sayag and Stéphane Messika. With their “data agnostic” platform independent of US clouds and multi-clouds and certified by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), they aim to become the “sovereign industrial data partner” of large accounts, both public and private.

“We comply with the new European regulations – RGPD, Digital Governance Law, Data Governance Law – and choose to host with French cloud providers such as OVHcloud, 3DS Outscale (Dassault Systèmes), IMT Teralab and Europeans who respect the Gaia-X philosophy ”, says Arno Müller in detail. The Gaia-X federation brings together European players in the field of cloud computing on interoperability norms and standards. “We are in talks with other European cloud services, including Orange and Xavier Neal’s Scaleway, for a proposal aimed at startups.”

Ministry of Health and Tourism

The company, which employs 50 people, plans to hire about 100 employees over the next twelve months to meet the needs of customers, especially in the healthcare, defense, energy and financial sectors, which handle highly sensitive data.

This particularly appealed to the Department of Health, which was looking for a way to facilitate the production of health data analysis and dashboards by its 350 data scientists. “Given the sensitive nature of his data, he needed a secure and independent platform that complies with the ISO27001 SecNumCloud standard,” emphasizes Arno Müller.

Atout France approached Cleyrop for a France Tourisme Observation data center project.

Atout France approached Cleyrop for a France Tourisme Observation data center project.Active France

In another sector, Atout France, the 300-person government agency responsible for tourism development, has also approached Cleyrop for a France Tourisme Observation data centre. “Cleyrop’s integrated platform has freed us from having to build our own cloud infrastructure from A to Z,” says Hugo Alvarez, Atout France Vision and Strategy Manager. “In addition, it is a 100% French instrument, which is important to us as a public player.” He compares Cleyrop’s solution to a framework that would be “a smartphone on which the customer develops their own applications after entering their own data.”

High level of traceability

The economic model is based on a subscription that includes hosting, licenses and outsourcing of multiple data processing environments such as development, testing, production or remote backup. The cost of this subscription ranges from 300,000 euros to one million euros per year: “It depends on the scope of functions used by the customer, the level of service required and the number of users,” explains Arno Müller.

The features offered cover all phases of the data lifecycle: storage and calculation, algorithms, display through dashboards, and secure collaborative projects with user-defined limits. Cleyrop’s founders insist that their solution “can be deployed to industry for mass use” with “high levels of traceability.”

The young company, based in Paris on the Champs Elysees, has two more branches in Rouen and Montpellier. “We plan to deploy to the FrenchTech capitals in the territory,” announces Arno Müller. In this vibrant context, Cleyrop hopes to triple its turnover to 10 million euros by 2022.



Date of creation : 2021

the president Story by: Stefan Messika

Turnover: 3 million euros in 2021

Effective: 50 people

Sector : date