This real estate investment brings many French people 4.6% per year!

To prepare for old age, to make ends meet, to increase capital, it is important to think over investment strategies. Today, many French people rely on regulated booklets and a life insurance contract for this..

However, their yields are quite low. The current record inflation is not helping matters. Luckily, there are much better products out there that can yield up to 4% per year. This is especially true for SCPI or real estate investment companies. The way to save is pretty easy and rewards numerous benefits.

Operating mode and different types of SCPI

SCPIs are categorized as investments in paper stone. The real estate market is the main pillar. Its principle is quite easy to learn, especially for individuals and professionals who understand the functioning of financial markets. A real estate investment company can be thought of as an investment fund using government savings.e. Interested parties (individual or legal) can invest and receive shares in this company in return.

Managers accredited AMF (Management of Financial Markets), then are responsible for the collection of shares, most of which will be used to purchase buildings of all kinds, whether goods for professional and commercial use or homes. Thus, dividends are drawn from the earned rent in proportion to the number of shares held. There are three main types of SCPI:

  • SCPI yield are the most popular on the market. Here, the assets in operation are mostly tertiary buildings that serve as offices or retail space for companies in various sectors.
  • Tax SCPI rather based on the principle of niches, like Pinel’s law, Malraux, Historical monuments.
  • SCPI capital gains to acquire shares upon dismemberment and thereby contribute to the receipt of a profit from the resale.

Simulate your investment in SCPI online

What will be your investment?

You can invest in SCPI from 300 euros. Even if this money is not blocked, it must be taken into account that the amount will be invested for at least 10 years.