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It is clear that an attractive salary is no longer enough to convince candidates to join the company. “People want to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, they are looking for non-crazy jobs,” notes Nicolas Ducharme, CFO of Batch, a CRM platform known for its features for creating and sending web and mobile notifications. “We also want a job where we are given the means to reach our goals. It also requires support from our employer for our personal matters.”adds Cecile Bossant Le Gentil, Head of Account Management at the same company.

If a startup has raised 20 million euros at the end of 2021, then it should not only launch its new product or accelerate its international development, but also mainly invest in its corporate culture and the development of the skills of its employees. .

Employer brand: what values ​​do employees embrace?

Ensuring the psychological safety of its employees at work is at the heart of Batch’s corporate strategy. Because a serene employee at work is an employee who can fully devote himself to his tasks during working hours, without being distracted by personal worries.

How is this investment in corporate culture concretely reflected in Batch?

Decisive measures to promote work-life balance

Since the health crisis began, personal life has come a long way at work: “We have seen each other’s children, spouses or pets land in the camera field in the middle of a Zoom meeting. This has led to change! Today candidates don’t hesitate to ask us what time they can leave the office in the evening. A few years ago, this was unthinkable.” compare Nicholas.

This is the question Alice Herweth, formerly a large group tax professional and now in financial operations, dared to ask during her job interview at Batch: “The culture of presenteeism doesn’t speak to me. On the other hand, be very efficient at work to solve problems, yes! That’s what draws me to Batch the most! »

The company has developed rules so that employees do not drown in long working days and do not sacrifice rest and leisure for the sake of work: no e-mail after 18:00, the ability to leave early in the evening without having to report…

10-week parental leave: a tool for gender equality

“Before coming to Batch, I sometimes finished very lateCecile recalls. I liked my job, but I realized that this rhythm can no longer stand when I wanted to have a child. I thought that I could not have a difficult responsible position and a harmonious family life, but I managed. I regularly leave at 5:30 pm to pick up my son from kindergarten and spend time with him. One day, I found out that my CSM team had returned to work the day before, after drinking at 6 p.m. to complete their work. I canceled the entire agenda so we can settle this charge. »

Every other evening, Nicola also leaves the office early to pick up her son: “And then I don’t work at home againHe says. This organization benefits everyone: some take the opportunity to spend time with their children, while others like to finish early to drink beer, dance or ride horses.” The startup also introduced an extended month-long parental leave in early 2020 and makes it easier for new parents to access childcare.

However, even if the company provides work-life balance, it absolutely respects the privacy of its employees: “Our company is not our familyNicholas says. Our work at Batch allows us to lead fulfilling family lives because we make money and because our company maintains this work-life balance. We are more than a family, we are more of a high level sports team that needs to train intensively before matches and also have full recovery phases. »

Transparent remote work policy

Batch quickly formalized the rules for remote work: either you’re “remote first” and must be in the office 5 days a month, or you’re “office first” and go out on site at least two days a week. “The policy is clear and transparent enough not to create tension. In terms of schedules, we benefit from a certain amount of flexibility. Currently, half of my team is in our Lyon office to work and attend the Nuits sonores event.”explains Cecile.

Clear definition of evaluation criteria and support in professional development projects

“We know that today it is very important for a person to know what exactly the employer expects from him: will I, as a CSM, be evaluated by the number of sales or by my ability to conduct meetings with clients on my own? That’s why we created Career Passes, professional development grids.” Nikolay is developing.

For example, in her CSM division, Cecile drew the attention of these teams to this grid, which presents development criteria in terms of seniority, goals to be achieved, development of certain experience or managerial skills: “It is on this grid that we base ourselves to discuss together possible evolutions (horizontal or transition to other teams: key account, data, etc.) and what needs to be implemented in terms of learning to support these routes. On the part of managers, to make our teams shine, recognizing and appreciating their work with the entire company is part of our goals. »

“Today, training my teams and keeping my division safe is more important than turnover. This support makes even juniors feel valued and capable. Yesterday the curator told me that for the first time she felt like an expert in the eyes of the client, this is exactly what we need! “, she continues.

How to make your employees actors in the life of the company

Smooth connection

Communication is another building block of Batch’s DNA, with both key information and the most informal going through the usual breakpoints, during which newcomers are also introduced. “Here you won’t miss half the news if you don’t go to a party or an aperitif. We don’t need to be online during these festive moments to be well seen”Alice appreciates.

The company also recommends establishing contact with a buddy before signing up. A future employee can contact this referent to ask him any questions about the formal and informal rules within the company. “I was struck by the ultra-easy communication during the hiring phaseCecile remembers. Before the interview, I received an SMS from HR wishing me luck and then asking how everything went. »

Convinced of the positive impact this corporate culture has on attracting and retaining talent, Nicolas is happy to “Celebrating this year the 10th anniversary of the box of four Batchers, a fairly rare occurrence in companies and startups in particular today. I do not think that I would have lost an employee overnight if he had not informed me of his departure in advance. I hope that this mutual trust will allow us to keep people for years to come.”