Strategic monitoring, it should be systematized and automated

There is a well-known paradox among decision makers: even though they are overinformed, they still run the risk of missing out on an information nugget (patent filing, takeover announcement, fundraising, etc.) that can have a significant impact on the activities of your business unit or a three-year development plan. In practice, there are many companies whose employees are drowned in a constant stream of data. Between mailing lists, social networks, specialized publications, calls for projects, it is impossible to optimally monitor your field of activity if you do not have an army of specialists working 24 hours a day and speaking a dozen foreign languages ​​each. And even this approach, Mikael Reo, founder of Sindup, a company specializing in economic intelligence and a provider of monitoring solutions, does not believe in it: ” You will not have special guarantees for any niche sectors. » In 2022, according to the expert, there is an urgent need to automate monitoring, whether it be regulatory, industry, technological, reputational or commercial.

Artificial intelligence in the service of monitoring

At Sindup, what do we mean by monitoring? Mikael Reo likes to summarize this complex topic as follows: “The day before, the right information at the right time for the right person. Said in this way may seem simple, but in practice it is very time consuming and impossible to achieve alone. “Especially since the needs are never the same. The commercial director of the export zone, the legal manager, the business department, the project team will not have the same definition of monitoring. But, says Mikael Reo, “everyone will agree that monitoring is strategic and that they don’t have enough time to pay attention to it.”

For decades, intelligence tools have been fairly rudimentary. But when the Internet exploded in the early 2000s, the news followed suit. Tools have emerged that allow users to filter, sort, and analyze information using algorithms. The sector of trading floors in real time is symbolic: impressive volumes of financial information daily appear in the field of view of traders. This puts Mikael Reo in doubt, who then decides to do economic intelligence by developing a monitoring tool. “In 2005, finance had a real advantage. It was a click. The young multi-entrepreneur is convinced that what works in finance with numbers should be done for any type of knowledge and therefore textual content.. “Then I, along with my team, began 5 years of research and development, at the end of which we launched our platform. Now it is a powerful monitoring tool based on artificial intelligence and, in particular, machine learning. From the very beginning, we have used AI for automation. But our goal with AI was also to create a hyper-customizable system. This approach turned out to be the right one, because from the very beginning of marketing, our clients had very specific requests. »

On the path to employee empowerment

When the company was founded, the monitoring approach developed by Mikael Reo was a little bit contrary to traditional practice. For an entrepreneur, monitoring in an organization concerns absolutely everyone. Since then, this model, fortunately, has become widespread. It is this philosophy that he and his team pass on to the 2,000 business and engineering students that the company raises awareness each year for free.. “We should not leave monitoring, whether regulatory or technological, to an expert audience. Staying on this vision of the last century is a common mistake that can have serious consequences. »

Starting with the design of the tool, the startup has especially worked on the ergonomics and ease of handling of the platform. The highly intuitive platform allows employees to manage it daily and work independently thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. People are always there: prompt customer service is always ready to help users. “Ten years ago, our interlocutors still had difficulty understanding our approach. We spent a lot of time evangelizing. But today we mostly have incoming calls. Our clients ? Companies of all sizes, associations, local governments are rushing to find a compass in the face of information that increasingly expresses mature needs. »

Torn between the risk of lack of information and the equally real risk of excess information, more and more managers are turning to Sindup. The startup offers pricing tailored to the needs of each organization, and all formulas include a helpdesk. ” Companies that are already clients are our best ambassadors “, admits Mikael Reo. “Not only are they getting a head start in terms of information, but they’re also seeing a net increase in productivity by empowering design teams. Keeping a watch in the traditional way remains extremely costly in terms of human resources and highly inefficient. The leaders who have chosen Sindup also share the same belief: the need to improve the skills of teams, regardless of the subject of monitoring. »

Anticipate future changes

Agricultural producers, insurance giants, transition areas or international logistics players, more than 300 i.e. 125,000 users use Sindup for their monitoring with a record 99.9% satisfaction rate; The stake was very simply explained by the founder and president of the company: ” We managed to find the right balance between automation, training and support. »

Answering a question about his projects, Mikael Reo says that he is very interested in CSR, sustainable development goals (SDGs), sustainable financing (ESG criteria). ” With the climate crisis, we are seeing a paradigm shift with even more complexity and data for organizations. » In an unstable world where economic and organizational patterns are about to change radically, a monitoring tool is essential to support ongoing change. The boss of Sindup is convinced: ” Any organization will gradually systematize and automate its control. Just like today, a company rarely operates without a CRM or digital workspace, automatic “push” monitoring and collaboration must become widespread. »

The entrepreneur, who is also very committed to the subjects of economic and ecological transition, is convinced of this: “ It has never been so important to get information quickly and well. Whether it’s business or building the world of tomorrow, the right decisions must be made without delay. However, we must avoid haste and, above all, move forward without dogmatism and iteratively. »