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Investing in a life insurance contract: a privileged solution to increase your savings

In these times of crisis, it’s perfectly legitimate to think about the investments you need to make to keep your savings growing. Subscribing to a life insurance contract can be an ideal solution as it allows you to accumulate capital for the future with various purposes such as transferring or even evaluating your savings. In addition, it is one of the investment products preferred by the French and, in particular, the multipurpose contract that makes up the majority of contracts on the market. Indeed, they are valued because they allow, on the one hand, the modulation of risk according to, inter alia, needs, personal and financial situation and risk appetite, and, on the other hand, the combination of two types of investments. : the “funds in euro” section and the so-called “unit-linked” section.

Thus, the most attractive contracts on the market allow policyholders to diversify their savings by taking advantage of a wide range of mutual funds and offer various management options such as delegated management or free management. However, it should be recalled that single-linked products carry the risk of losing capital.

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COMPOSIS: an agreement under which membership is issued online at a low price

KOMPOZ is among the most attractive life insurance contracts in 2022, also due to its prices, one of the lowest on the market. Membership, payments and arbitrations are done 100% online on the Sicavonline website. KOMPOZ allows individuals who wish to invest with no entry fees and no deposit fees. This contract offers various management methods, namely free management and delegated management with or without provisioning. With free management, the annual management fee ranges from 0.50% to 0.85%, depending on the share invested in the fund in euros and units of account. As for arbitration costs, they are 0% within 15 arbitrations during a calendar year. Thereafter, the arbitration fee is 1% of the arbitration amount. With delegated management, arbitration fees are 0% and annual management fees are 0.75%. The introduction of planned payments reduces the management fee by 0.05% with free management.

COMPOSIS: offer for new members

Until December 31, 2022, with any subscription to a KOMPOZ life insurance contract, you are offered a gift certificate in the amount of up to 200 € on conditions **

With KOMPOZ, policyholders benefit from a wide choice of units of account. Regardless of the investment amount, members have access to over 700 investment funds. Do you want to invest responsibly? The contract offers a selection of funds labeled “Socially Responsible Investments” to give you a complete choice. It is also possible to invest 100% in a Euro fund, choose from over 500 Transferable Securities Collective Investment Enterprises (OPCVM) or choose from 20 real estate support types such as SCPI. and SCI. Finally, KOMPOZ also offers over 40 trackers (ETFs), funds that aim to replicate stock market index variations, and over 130 live securities (live stocks).

Be aware that single-linked products present a capital loss risk.

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At, invest in a flexible life insurance policy. KOMPOZ is a 100% online solution tailored to your needs and your situation.

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Investment risk in units of account

The desire for higher returns is accompanied by the acceptance of risk, associated with the support unit represents the risk of capital loss. The amounts invested in units of account are not guaranteed and may fluctuate up or down, depending in particular on the evolution of financial markets. We remind you that past results do not predetermine future results. In some cases, an insurer may not be able to invest or disinvest certain units of account. Therefore, the rules may require you to temporarily suspend or restrict certain operations under the contract.

Investment period

Life insurance contracts are long-term products, they must be concluded taking into account each personal situation, the goals pursued and the planned period of ownership.

The complexity of a life insurance contract

An insurance contract is a complex product and can be difficult to understand.

KOMPOZ is a collective life insurance policy insured by Ageas France and marketed by Sicavonline as an insurance broker. The signatory of the COMPOSIS agreement is the association Personaliz Epargne Digitale, become a member of the association and join the COMPOSIS agreement.

SICAVONLINE, Joint Stock Company with a capital of 8,000,004 euros. Head office: 50 place de l’Ellipse – CS 50053 – 92985 Paris La Défense Cedex – RCS of Nanterre n° 423 973 494 – INTRACOMMUNITY VAT N°: FR 40423973494 ‘Investment approved by Prudential Control and Settlement Authority under number 19253. Insurance brokerage company and an intermediary in banking and payment services, registered with ORIAS under number 18001256,

Ageas France
Limited Liability Life Insurance Company.
A company regulated by the Insurance Code approved by the Prudential Supervisory Authority with a capital of EUR 159,221,273.61.
Registered in the Commercial Register and Companies of Nanterre under number 352 191 167,
whose registered office is at Village 5 – 50 place de L’Ellipse – CS 30024 – 92985 Paris La Défense Cedex

**Valid only for any first execution of a KOMPOZ life insurance contract until 31.12.2022 inclusive.

A multi-brand gift voucher worth €100 with a minimum down payment of €5,000.

A multi-brand gift voucher worth €200 with a minimum down payment of €10,000.

This offer, subject to the conditions, is valid only for any first subscription to the COMPOSI life insurance contract within the available envelope, made up to 31.12.2022 inclusive, and should not be decisive in your choice of “investment”.

The gift voucher will be sent to the buyer by e-mail to the e-mail address provided at the time of joining, three months after joining the COMPOS contract, provided that the adherence to the COMPOS contract is still ongoing at that time.

The offer is limited to a subscription to the COMPOSI agreement.