SCPI Thematique: the key to a successful real estate investment?



Initially targeted at the office and retail market in France, the Sociétés Civiles de Placement Immobilier, or SCPI, has been able to adapt to the surrounding market by offering investors new geographical and industry themes. Are these thematic SCPIs more diversified than “classic” SCPIs? Are they more efficient? How to choose the right SCPI theme? Transcription with La Centrale des SCPI, the first online SCPI comparator.


What are the most promising SCPI topics?

Today, there are as many investment strategies as SCPI. Some of them stand out due to their diversity and performance. Today, the Centrale des SCPI experts bring you three of the best SCPI themes on the market:

SCPI Theme 1: Logistics

Today’s world is facing a real change in the way savers consume. Today, online commerce holds an important place and accounts for 13.4% of retail. In addition, 27,000 new e-commerce sites were launched in France in 2021. This craze automatically leads to a dramatic increase in demand in terms of logistics and warehouse real estate. As such, some SCPIs capitalize on the dynamism of this real estate niche: UPP logistics.

SCPI Theme 2: Europe

Over time, SCPI’s focus on performance has expanded. Focusing on Paris and then France, SCPI is now increasingly exploring the Eurozone. This allows investors to geographically diversify their real estate holdings, taking advantage of new opportunities that can be more lucrative than in France. There are even some SCPIs in almost fifteen countries. European SCPI also offer a great tax advantage: income from abroad is not subject to social security contributions.

SCPI Theme 3: Health

The promising healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing on the market. This is due, in particular, to demographic growth and the aging of the population. In 2050, according to research, there will be almost 10 billion of us on earth, and 15% of this population will be over 65 years old. Today, older people make up only 9% of the population. This leads to an increase in demand in terms of health and therefore requires a large number of new structures. SCPI Health take advantage of the attractiveness of this investment theme and make medical real estate your main investment destination.

Here is a balanced portfolio of several SCPIs proposed by the expert at La Centrale des SCPI, bringing together all these SCPI themes.

SCPI Portfolio Example :


Investment strategy

2021 performance


SCPI Logistics



SCPI Germany


Pierval Health

SCPI Health



What are the benefits of thematic SCPI?

Thematic SCPIs give contributors access to real estate and geographic areas that are not normally accessible directly. For example, buying a clinic in Ireland requires a very large sum and precise knowledge of the market and managers. With themed SCPIs, your real estate assets are no longer limited.

In addition to new diversification of your savings, thematic SCPIs can increase your money.

At a time when euro and livre A life insurance funds are generating less inflation, investments in SCPI can generate up to 6% net of commissions and management fees. To protect their agent during the current inflationary period, many contributors call us on to have access to the best SCPI themes. » says Gregory Moulineux, founding partner Central SCPIthe first SCPI comparator in France.

In addition, all the management of thematic SCPI is delegated to professionals approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. As a partner, you don’t have to worry about property or tenant selection, regular restrictions, or possible existing work in traditional real estate.

How to access the best themed SCPIs?

It couldn’t be easier to choose your topics and invest in SCPI shares! There are special platforms where everything can be done 100% online. The reference internet platform for investing in SCPI thematic units is Central SCPI ( In addition to providing access to a large number of SCPI files and SCPI news, you can predict your income with the help of a state-of-the-art SCPI simulator.

Then La Centrale des SCPI offers an intuitive e-signature tool called SCPI SIGN. The latter gives access to share ownership in healthcare, logistics or European SCPI in just a few clicks.
The services of the Centrale des SCPI are not only digital. Experts are also available at to guide you towards the success of your project.

Thematic SCPIs provide both strong diversification and attractive returns for your SCPI portfolio. Investing in thematic SCPI also provides access to key markets such as food stores or housing. These themed SCPIs have all the right qualities to reward your money serenely for years and become the benchmark in terms of real estate investment.


An investment in SCPI is not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets. Before deciding to buy SCPI stock, seek professional advice to ensure that this investment fits your asset profile. Finally, as with any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long term investments with a minimum holding period of eight years.