SCPI: Should You Invest After Retirement?

For many French people, retirement is an important step. Some of them also lack information about this, while others are worried about the income they will receive during this period. Thus, the latter consider it necessary to have additional resources to replenish their pension.

According to a recent study, more than 40% of current retirees are preparing for a post-active life. The lack of knowledge about existing investments significantly hinders the growth of this index. Can you invest in SCPI after retirement?

What is SCPI?

Civil Real Estate Investment Company (SCPI) is a form of company that allowsinvest his capital in exchange for shares equal to his investment. Available to any individual or legal entity, SCPI allows unit holders to indirectly become owners of real estate..

This means of offering savings to the public is useful for invest in different types of real estateincluding housing, offices, buildings specific to a particular sector (tourism, education, healthcare, logistics, etc.) or buildings abroad.

The role of the management company is to take over the management of these assets., find tenants and maintain the buildings. It also has the function of redistributing to contributors property income from rent deducted from various management fees.

If you want to invest in SCPI feel free to simulate:

Simulate your investment in SCPI online

What will be your investment?

You can invest in SCPI from 300 euros. Even if this money is not blocked, it must be taken into account that the amount will be invested for at least 10 years.