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NextStage AM, one of the pioneers and leaders of Growth Capital in France, today announces the launch of its new solution for large private investors, NextStage Capital Entrepreneur II FPCI, eligible for 150-0 Bb. This new instrument follows the success of the first FPCI NextStage Capital Entrepreneur FPCI, part of Championnes’ €135 million investment program called Relance, which was supported by many large institutional and private investors and convinced more than 115 entrepreneurial investors. In addition, as of the end of May 2022, almost 55% of the funds raised were already involved in the Championnes investment program.

NextStage Capital Entrepreneur II FPCI meets the needs of large private equity investors in the distribution space. FPCI NextStage Capital Entrepreneur II may be part of a co-investment opportunity with the institutional offering NextStage AM (Programme Champions and Pépites & Territoires by AXA & NextStage AM). Thus, the mechanism gives entrepreneurs and large private investors the opportunity to cooperate with well-known institutional investors.

FPCI NextStage Capital Entrepreneur II, which can be subscribed to until December 31, 2023, will be a diversified portfolio of non-registered companies, mainly French, with high growth rates, with a proven business model and a turnover of 5 to 500 million euros. The car will mainly invest in 3 main themes: digital technology, smart health and environmental innovation. The NextStage Capital Entrepreneur II FPCI is valid for 7 years, renewable 3 times for 1 year. This decision, which is eligible for 150-0 B ter, is also intended to allow sellers of companies to optimize their taxation and continue their entrepreneurial influence.

Previous experience, First Stage Capital Entrepreneur (I) FPCI Entrepreneur, convinced over 115 Entrepreneurs to join the Champion Investment Program. In addition, NextStage AM investment teams were able to rapidly deploy over 55% of vehicle assets in growing SMEs and ETI just 2 years after its inception. Thus, we find in the portfolio of the previous year 12 participations, including:

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In addition to financial aspects, investors were attracted by the opportunity to join the Capital-Entrepreneur Club NextStage AM and thus benefit from special monitoring throughout the subscription. Investors from the Capital Entrepreneur range meet twice a year at events hosted by NextStage AM to meet entrepreneurs selected through the Champions program and follow their investments during a leadership meeting. This moment of exchange aims to strengthen co-creation, innovation and exchange of experience between portfolio entrepreneurs and the NextStage AM ecosystem..

Manuella dHalloy The search for business opportunities, connections, collective intelligence, strategic partnerships and moments of exchange will underpin this collaborative platform. I am proud to carry this ambition to grow and develop the Club’s operations, capitalizing on the talent and expertise of the ecosystem, to bring even more meaning and added value to NextStage AM portfolio investment and growth. »declares Manuela d’Allua, President of the NextStage AM Entrepreneurs Club.

John Davis Haas The NextStage Capital Entrepreneur range is a fantastic opportunity to offer our Entrepreneurs and Large Private Investors the opportunity to co-invest with the largest Institutional Investors in a 150-0 B ter or diversification perspective. : Program of Champions. The last eighteen months have shown us that our plan to unite and constructively invest territories, both French and European, makes sense. We support and encourage investments that create value by enabling the growth and development of entrepreneurs. “, adds Jean-David Haas, Managing Director and Co-Founder of NextStage AM.

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About NextStage AM :

An independent management company headquartered in Paris, approved by AMF, which has been cultivating the entrepreneur-investor philosophy since its inception in 2002, NextStage AM is one of the pioneers and leaders of innovative and patient development capital in France. NextStage AM has developed step by step a multi-strategy private equity platform that, as of the end of March 2022, directly or indirectly represents €7.1 billion in assets under management. NextStage AM invests in a limited number of SMEs and ETIs (80 companies in the portfolio as of 03/31/2022), French and European, innovative and growing, to which it provides entrepreneurial experience as an investor and strong operational support (innovation integration, talent, international, outward growth). NextStage AM provides long-term support to these SMEs and ETI. This gives them the means to accelerate their development and the ability to innovate to become “Champions” in their markets, both in France and internationally, through organic and/or external growth.

In December 2015, NextStage AM was awarded the Gold Award as the best player in real estate development in Europe by the Private Equity Awards, in 2017 NextStage Croissance received the Special Jury Prize for Innovative Assets, and in 2019 the Private Letter Award Equity Asset Management Pyramids 2019. With NextStage Champions III focusing on nuggets created in the territories, complemented by FPCI Capital Entrepreneur, a reinvestment fund dedicated to entrepreneurs who want access to a strategy designed for institutional investors, NextStage AM is completing its development capital investment program and strengthens its ability to intervene, especially in the territories.