Mythomaniac promises to invest 20 million euros, real estate agencies are trapped in Agde

During 2020, a young retiree posed as investor with 20 million euros spend in Herault. This man posed for a year as a businessman who earned 30 million euros in under an international deal. The latter intended to invest two-thirds of it on the shores of the Mediterranean, where he comes from.

From a prominent family in Agatua

A dozen real estate agencies fell into the trap. They are not the only ones. Notary, sellers. They were all convinced that they were going to make a good deal.. Even his family was stunned when they found out about the deception. The surname Didier is known in Agatua. His two brothers, mechanics, own a shop business. The sixty-year-old was even going to buy the house of one of them.

Even his notary is abusing

A man of attractive appearance, well dressed, compromise sign of compromise. About fifteen purchases in total: large real estate, a building under construction or a leased building. Even the notary, whom he said he knew, made about fifteen bills of sale.

Businessman says he won 30 million euros on an international deal

The last deposit is not provided. Trusted by all professionals. The agents, persuaded to take large commissions, go so far as to invite him to the most beautiful restaurants in Herault.

Open bottles of champagne on private beaches

Real estate agencies are very careful. Those who agree to talk to us confess never doubted for a second. The man was persuasive, reassuring in his words, with good posture. “His speech was coherent” — a representative of one of them trusts us. “He was supposed to buy us a building with a rental property. We have been waiting for funds for eight months.”

“We are all on fire. We believed in it. His speech was coherent, persuasive and reassuring.”

Experts say that for the first six months they did not ask questions because of the origin of the funds and the large amount of investments. However, the investor refuses. constant signing of deeds of sale. He talks about the many trips abroad during this Covid period and then the funds blocked in the United States after the election of new President Joe Biden.

“It inevitably demotivates those who have done the work and incurred expenses in the hope of making a sale and earning a commission.” adds a real estate agent. “Fortunately, no one died. This guy dreamed of becoming the owner of an impressive inheritance for a whole year. And those who offered him restaurants and champagne did so deliberately. Unfortunately, no one was deceived.”

By the way no complaints defines the Bézier parquet floor for Bleu Hérault France.

“We all knew at least one of his brothers in good standing in Agatua. Even he fainted when he found out it was all set up.” – Real Estate Agent

After a year, transfers of funds are still pending. Then the research begins. The myth has been debunked. He’s really the only one young retiree installed in HLM in the urban area of ​​Rouen. Former TV repairman. who claims to be a millionaire.

So is it a scam or not? The character is definitely interesting. “To say that he is a mythomaniac is rather simplistic.” said Biterrois psychiatrist Ahmad Suleiman, a former expert at the Montpellier Court of Appeal. This case is very similar to the case with mythomaniac pervert. Either we are a hysteric who wants to be loved and who ultimately wants to be the only interest of others, or perhaps we are a pervert who wants to manipulate, enjoy and seduce them with this imagined good fortune. He is the one who will believe his lies and live by them. This person dominates there. Someone who wants to convince, like him, by saying that he is a millionaire and able to invest so much money, he makes them do what he wants. He dominates them.

“He’s someone who intimidates others with money.”