MSC will triple the capacity of container terminals at the port of Le Havre

This is a solid golden gift from Geneva that may allow the leading French port to finally regain ground lost by its formidable rivals in Northern Europe. Visiting Le Havre this Friday (July 8), the directors of Til-Terminal Investment Limited- confirmed their intention to invest 700 million euros to triple the capacity of their Port 2000 container terminals. The news was officially unveiled in front of the new Minister of Ecological Transition. , Christophe Bechu, a close friend of Edouard Philippe. Who didn’t hesitate to talk about ” historic announcement “.

It must be said that Til is not anyone. Armed with the world’s number 1 container shipping company, MSC operates about forty port terminals in 27 countries on 5 continents. Last December it acquired half of the berths in the deep water port of Le Havre. By committing to bring them to the highest standards, the company demonstrates an ironclad confidence in the potential of the Le Havre market, seen as ” gateway to Europe “. ” Le Havre must regain its place in the top 30 ports in the world (56th today, editor’s note),” said Ammar Kanaan, Managing Director of Til.

The interested party does not hide it. If his company spends (a lot) a lot, it’s to be able to load and unload, under optimal conditions, the huge ships of the 24,000 “boxes” that MSC purchases by the dozen each year. Challenge: Recycle up to 4.5 million containers annually. This is 1.5 million more than the current cargo flow of the Normandy port. ” We want our container ships to stop at Le Havre before Rotterdam and Antwerp, which is on the brink of saturation. “, – said David El-Bez, chief investment officer.

Dockers say banco

The voluntariness shown by the Swiss leaders clearly convinced the representatives of the dockworkers, not too well known for their conciliatory temperament. Thiel signed a productivity deal with them in exchange for a promise to hire 1,100 people (including 900 dock workers) over the next six years. He also pledged not to automate the tools, which would be taken as a wake-up call by professionals. ” They joined the project first because they love their job David El-Bez says Of the exact terms of the said agreement, we will learn nothing more, except that it was decisive. ” If it wasn’t for the opportunity to get along, we wouldn’t have invested here. his boss says.

Nevertheless, he hopes for some compensation from the French state, expected on ” development new rail and waterways Ammar Kanaan said. In this exercise, he should rely on the interpersonal skills of Edouard Philip. The mayor of Le Havre actually believes that the promise of trust shown by MSC should encourage Matignon to deliver the turbo. ” Decisions are made more urgently “, he insisted on Friday in front of the Minister of Ecological Transition. The message apparently got 5 out of 5.” France should invest in modal transport to decarbonize freight transport. answered Christophe Bechu.

In Harop, the institution that manages the ports of the Seine, we cherish another hope. That the arrival of the world’s leading shipowner is pompously prompting its French competitor CMA CGM to upgrade in turn its terminals at Port 2000, operated through its subsidiary Générale de Manutention Portuaire. An emulation also called for by David El Bez. ” The more of us betting on Le Havre, the more the government will be forced to invest in the infrastructure that serves the port. “, he says with a smile. On good terms.