Montpellier. First Draft Factory Club: athletes invested in startups

Factory Club First Draft Jury Approves 6 Sports Investments in Innovative Projects
Factory Club First Draft Jury Approves 6 Sports Investments in Innovative Projects (© Metropolitan)

Montpellier, spring 2022players from MCHSS created a tool unique in France per high level athletesall disciplines combined, who wants invest in innovative projects : factory club.

Relying on expertise from Montpellier agency Gravity Innovationspecializing in support for innovative companiesthey created digital platform which allows unite athletes and run search for funding for grow.

“In addition to real estate or catering, we ultimately offer several investment solutions for professional athletes … Hence the creation of a solution that allows them to invest in projects to create businesses with great potential”

Kelian GalletierRugby player, MHR
Kellyane Gallettier explains his investment in SAO during the presentation
Kelian Galletier explains his investment in SAO during the draft. (© Metropolitan)

This work allowed the Fabrika club to organize its first draft on July 1 at the FDI stadium, MHB’s lair. To be specific, 10 startups out of 450 projects were selected for this NBA Draft-inspired event: on stage, startups found out which athletes wanted to invest in their project: “No startup left on the edge of the key to this first edition of the project,” says enthusiastically Jean-Francois Gravity Innovation Sales, co-founder of the Factory Club.

6 startups found investors

The results of this first Draft are more than positive: at least 5 professional athletes have invested at least €10,000 in 6 start-ups, “and appointments have already been made for 4 other young innovative companies.” explains Jean-Francois Sales.

National system for athletes

Following the success of this first edition, the Factory Club reaffirms its ambition to be the national referral platform for athletes looking to join companies. This is already the case, as investors include athletes from Paris and Clermont: “In addition to real estate or catering, we end up offering several investment solutions for professional athletes,” recalls Montpellier resident and international rugby player Kelian Galletier. the idea of ​​creating a solution that allows them to invest in projects to create high-potential businesses.”

Project 2022: invested in startups:

Kélian Galletier (Rugby, MHR) is joining forces with SAO, a sustainable sportswear brand 100% made in France. SAO specializes in recycling used fishing nets to produce new textiles.

Gabriel Ngandebe (Rugby, MHR) is joining forces with SOLOOKE, which has developed a connected locker room. Thanks to the application, users can place their dressing room on their smartphone. In this way, they can program images into their calendar, be inspired by their friends’ clothing style, and communicate with them via messages.

Remy Desbonnet (Handball, MHB) joins forces with BOUGE, a digital mapping platform. This map service allows cities to communicate with their residents about all the sporting events taking place in their territory.

Ousmane Kanté (Football, Paris Football Club) joins forces with STRIDE, Battery Vélib for mobile phones. Stride, a Montpellier-based start-up, offers universal self-service external batteries. The application allows you to find battery distributors, borrow them and retake them from the nearest distributor.

Julien Ledevec (Rugby, Clermont) is joining forces with BARDA, a marketplace specializing in used pop culture, and BILLEON, a ticketing app.
-BARDA is a platform for buying and selling goods from the world of video games and pop culture. Scanning allows you to enter barcodes and recognize collectible cards.
– BILLEON is an application that allows everyone to buy and exchange tickets using their smartphone in a simple, direct and secure way.

A very satisfying first project for the Factory Club created in Montpellier.
A very satisfying first project for the Factory Club created in Montpellier. (©DR)

Meetings for other startups

The organizers of this first draft confirm that the other selected startups did not come in vain. “Cryosocks, Europazon, Silibiliz and The Tricks Network do not stand aside, but on the contrary: new drafters (sports investors) are hired,” the organizers assure, quoting Vincent Giudicelli (rugby, MHR), Batista Pesenti (rugby, Stade Français), Jakub Camara (rugby, MHR), Yoann Jaumel (volleyball, Martigues) and Ana Maria Filip (basketball player, France 3×3). “The appointments have been made and sports investors will soon enter the capital of these 4 startups. »

Other startups of interest to athletes

-CryoSocks: Develop, design and market mobile, easy-to-use and self-contained muscle recovery solutions called Click & Freeze using a combination of electronics and a specific refrigerant gas.

-Europazon: An environmentally responsible and solidarity-based marketplace that only sells French-made, European-made and refurbished products.

-Silibiliz: wheeled bag/shopping trolley. These are design and modernity (wooden frames), modularity (removable and independent compartments), environmental friendliness and durability. Ultra-compact folding capability, shoulder straps in backpack mode, hooks for luggage racks.

-The Tricks Network: An interconnected platform dedicated to the creation and sharing of exclusively “extreme sports” content.


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