JDD INFORMATION. Meta and Simplon.co to pioneer the Metaverse

19:30 June 11, 2022, changed to 19:32 June 11, 2022

October 2021. The Facebook group F of Gafam with over 3 billion users is changing its name. And becomes Meta. An extremely rare decision that reflects the desire of the group founded by Mark Zuckerberg to focus their strategy on the metaverse – a self-contained virtual world in which everyone can live part of their lives as an avatar. Since then, all sectors of the economy, from digital to finance to mass distribution, have wanted to establish themselves in this new universe.

It is still necessary to have the necessary skills to develop this technology, which is still in its infancy. Especially since a study by IT giant Dell has calculated that 85% of jobs by 2030 do not yet exist. Professions related to the metaverse are certainly part of it. Meta understood this well: thus, the group opens JDD his collaboration with French vocational training startup Simplon.co to launch their “Metaverse Academy”.

The Metaverse could represent nearly 3% of GDP in 2030.

From the start of the 2022 academic year, around a hundred students will be welcome in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. As part of the program, this “pilot” promotion will train two new professions: a designer and developer specializing in immersive technologies (such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality); support and assistance specialist in the metaverse. Professions identified as priority by the competence of the public authority of France.

“The Metaverse is the most important technological breakthrough we’ve seen since the internet and mobile internet, and Europe and France have a very important card to play.”, launched by Laurent Solly, Vice President of Meta Southern Europe. According to a study by Analysis Group, a consulting firm, activity in the metaverse could account for 2.8% of global GDP in 2030, or $3,000 billion. “If we want to prepare people for tomorrow’s work, we must start today”the host continues.

Challenge: Develop the French Ecosystem

Knowing about the stakes, Meta finances the launch of the project thanks to the budget. ” important “, however not quantified, and provides several of its brand’s VR headsets. But the Frenchman assures us: “The goal is not to recruit for the Meta. » If the group is developing their own applications around the world to design their metaverse, collaboration is at the heart of the project: “Digital revolutions work through the birth of an ecosystem. We share this logic to build it in France.”Laurent Solly explains.

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Upon completion of the program developed by Simplon.co, students will join companies that have already hired them as interns during their studies. This is the principle of the professional sector defined by the start-up: intensive courses through practical work from three to six months, then a period in the company from twelve to eighteen months. An operation that ensures that all students who complete the full course will find a job, that is, on average, 97% of students receive a promotion, for example, in other training courses provided by the startup.

Diversity at the heart of the project

“The Metaverse Academy will be a nine-year extension of our operations,” said Frédéric Bardot, co-founder and president of the company. This is an inclusive and free education. » The free entry was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of Meta, as well as the support of the regions where the training centers are located, companies that recruit students for work and study, and Pôle emploi. Thus, the startup compares favorably with its competitors, the cost of some programs of which can reach 10,000 euros per year.

This is an environment where there can be completely different paths

“That’s our difference, Frédéric Bardot boasts. This will change the sociological profile of people working in the metaverse. » The new program will primarily focus on people who are not working or are undergoing professional retraining. “We’re not going to analyze resumes, guarantees the contractor but the motivation and desire of candidates. »“In this sector, such diversity is highly demanded by companies. It’s an environment where there can be completely different paths.”, Laurent Solly abounds, quoting wholesale bakers, lawyers, cashiers who are refocusing. With a presence in the regions, the two bosses are pushing for a territorial dimension to diversify profiles, while digital professions are currently concentrated mainly around the capital.

It remains to find companies that are ready to recruit these students.“They will be the peaceful judge of the success of this training, Frédéric Bardot admits. We are optimistic because many bands are immersed in the metaverse, in luxury, cars, culture … “ Carrefour, among other things, has already launched projects in the metaverse, organizing virtual job interviews in a 3D modeled world. Many bands will follow his example. Provided you find the talent to achieve it.