Ismo, the ideal solution for an easy investment /

Do you want to invest in the stock market without betting too much and risking going bust like the somewhat greedy League 1 leader? Then go to Ismo. This 100% free mobile application is designed to simplify access to investments in the financial markets. His method is to help his users set aside small amounts before automatically depositing them for them.

One letter can change everything. If Isco rhymes with fiasco, especially this season, then Ismo, for his part, is synonymous with hope. The hope of finally making a small profit in the stock market without investing huge sums and taking reckless risks. 100% free Ismo mobile app (for Invest little money) was born in July 2020. The ambition of its founders: to offer an alternative to traditional banking solutions, less and less consistent with the challenges of the moment and the expectations of depositors. Their goal is to allow anyone to be able to place money in the financial markets, regardless of their assets, the amount of their call option, or the amount of their release clause.

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    That’s all well and good, but how does it work? Right now you need to download the app, available on both iPhone and Android. Registration takes three minutes, including extra time. The user can then invest an amount of their choice on a one-time basis or on a periodic basis. It is even effortless to round up to a higher euro for daily expenses made with a credit card. For example, if you pay for a traditional baguette priced at €1.10, 90 cents will be automatically deducted and invested in the stock market. This painless, almost invisible savings is the perfect system for saving money little by little without slowing down your lifestyle! In addition, trading with Ismo does not require any entry fees or obligations. You just need to accumulate five euros in your account to start investing in the stock market.

    Invest respecting your values

    With Ismo, your investments are in the hands of professionals, experts in portfolio management, who are always at your service. They will also be able to recommend a fund that best suits your profile. There are three of them: Ismo Prudent (for lovers of safe flat feet), Ismo Balanced (for those who try to put the ball under the bar, in force) and Ismo Dynamic (for those who are not afraid to try my friend). These three funds are diversified (more than 5,000 stocks and bonds) and favor socially responsible investments (SRI). In other words, it allows you to combine the search for financial results and the protection of ethical, social and environmental values.

    In exchange for all these benefits, Ismo only charges its users one euro per month as a maintenance fee, regardless of the amount invested. These fees are even free for the first month and do not exist for 18-23 year olds. As for the management fee, it is 0.5% per year. Far, far away from the juicy commissions that some agents have negotiated this transfer window! In addition, if you want to sponsor one of your relatives, he and you will benefit from the offered five euros. Finally, you can decide at any time to close your account and get your investment back free of charge within two business days.

  • Over 30,000 people have already decided to join Ismo. And you?
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