Is there any danger in investing online on marketplaces?

The economic crisis, the loss of purchasing power, the desire to earn more, there are so many reasons why people look for ways to quickly multiply their savings, and this is often what online trading sites promise. What is it about ? Is it dangerous to invest on the Internet and can trading sites be trusted? We will explain everything to you.

Trading, what is it?

For those who do not understand trading, we are talking about speculation, investing in securities, assets listed on the stock exchange, present in financial markets such as stocks, commodities, safe-haven assets such as gold, currencies or crypto-assets . (digital currencies).

Trading for everyone?

If you are over 18 years old, then there are no contraindications to trading, however, you must remember that this is a monetary investment, that is, you are speculating with your own money. Thus, the risks involved are inherent in any type of business activity, you incur both losses and profits, which is why it is important to trade with the right tools and on regulated sites.

How to know if the marketplace is serious?

The AMF (Financial Markets Authority) is responsible for protecting savings invested in financial products, informing investors and ensuring the proper functioning of financial markets. This independent body regularly publishes a blacklist of fraudulent sites on its website, on which, of course, you should not create an online account.

To find out the level of security of an online trading platform, you must first check its regulation, i.e. whether it is recognized by AMF and international banking authorities. The higher the level of regulation, the more reliable the site is. Take the example of AvaTrade, a website regulated by the central bank of Ireland, the central bank of Cyprus, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Japan and the Virgin Islands. Due to the high level of regulation, the platform is among the best trading platforms in the world.

Benefits of a good marketplace

The mainstream trading platforms do not push users into the arena of outright speculation, unlike scam sites that promise to profit from the first use of interfaces that are usually traps. A good trading site always offers you free online trading training, an expert file including a trading dictionary, macroeconomic information, deep analysis thanks to high performance algorithms and trading robots that help you execute your trades.

Paper trade, the main ally

Another strong point, demo or paper trading accounts. These are account simulators that allow you to fake trade on real movements, so there is no risk of losing capital. This allows the novice trader to start trading with complete peace of mind and to study and become familiar with financial transactions and their fluctuations.

Only when you finally have the necessary experience can you move on to trading “for real” and start profiting from your trading knowledge. To help you, trading sites provide you with tools like auto trading, which is to follow the best online traders and follow the same trading strategy as they do. This feature is very reassuring for the trader in the beginning, it allows him to make profits, limit his losses and learn from real experienced traders so that he can eventually fly on his own one day!