Is it worth investing in real estate today?

Real estate investment consists of buying real estate not as part of living in it, but as investing money to generate income. In general, this approach cannot be improvised as it is important to know the state of the market as well as various investment opportunities. This allows you to at least avoid risky options. To familiarize yourself with the concept of investing in stone, as well as the various opportunities to discover, here is some information to take into account.

Benefits of investing in real estate in 2022

Various elements can push real estate investment, but the most prominent of these is the creation of a tangible and lasting legacy. To take full advantage of this, it is best to consult real estate experts Eric Duval and OSJ of the Duval group in order to properly implement the investment project. Another benefit of investing in stone is the ability to subsequently make it your primary residence through a rental investment. This type of investment also increases purchasing power by generating additional income.

It is also possible to offer housing to family members for an attractive rent. In addition, various tax systems allow investors to simplify their approach when purchasing real estate. For example, we can refer to the Pinel scheme for rental investments, the Malraux scheme for real estate investments in refurbished old buildings, or the Bouvard-Chancy scheme for service residences.

Benefits of investing in rental property

There are several ways to invest in stone, including rental investment. This is of particular interest to households as it allows them to invest in real estate without exposing themselves to too much risk in investing their money. Monthly Rent provides a practical solution for offsetting the monthly set-back payments to finance the purchase of a property. Thanks to the Pinel scheme, this type of investment allows investors to enjoy tax benefits of up to 21% of the value for 12 years. On the other hand, the property must be rented during this entire period.

Is investing in business real estate a good idea?

Contrary to popular belief, investment in business real estate is an original offer with a very attractive return. This market includes almost 70% of tertiary offices and allows investors to benefit from lower management costs than investing in rentals. And it is not for nothing that investing in business real estate is subject to less onerous legislation. In addition, there is stable demand with a vacancy rate of 4 to 5%, which is much lower than rental investment.

SCPI, another detection solution

Investing in real estate through a real estate investment company allows you to buy a house whose shares are managed by a particular company. In this process, you should not invest your money in real estate to live in on the weekends or rent out. The investor receives only shares, that is, only part of the property, because the house does not belong to him completely. On the other hand, he benefits from the return on this property according to the number of shares he owns.