Investors, absolutely must own these SCPIs in 2022!

SCPI: An investment not to be missed in 2022

ifthere really is an investment that should not be underestimated in 2022, it is SCPIconfirms our expert Antoine Cesari, wealth management consultant at “SCPI is a solid investment that you need to invest in more than ever, and its attractive returns make it one of the best investments available on the market.”.

Traditional investments are no more, today investors are turning to a new form of investment. SCPI thus placed as one of the favorite foods of the French, and this, before booklet A. C yield 4.4% on average in 2021, this stone paper product makes the property affordable for an entrance fee of several hundred euros! Attention: our expert reminds us that SCPI is an unregistered investment, but carries risk nonetheless. Since its capital is not guaranteed, it is important to be well informed before investing and, above all, accompanied.

“We generally advise investors to run the first simulation on our website using our free SCPI Simulator tool and then contact us to refine their project.”

What are the flagship SCPIs on the market?

With total SCPI net collection up 22% in 2021 and total capitalization 78.6 billion euros, SCPI has reached new records. According to’SPAMI (French Association of Real Estate Investment Companies), they are currently numbered 209 REITs on sale.

To help you more clearly see and distinguish the best SCPIs on the market, we asked Antoine Cesariasset management advisor Portal-SCPI.frto introduce us to the flagship SCPIs in unmissable markets in 2022, here are his picks:

Management company: Corum AM

Price per share: EUR 204.00

Minimum number of shares: 1

Payout rate in 2021: 6.12%

Geographic breakdown: 100% Eurozone.

Typological distribution: Offices, commercial premises, shops

SRI Mark (Socially Responsible Investment)

“This SCPI is a must! In addition to being very affordable, it shows very good performance. His real estate portfolio is mainly located in major cities and his assets are of very high quality. For example, one of SCPI’s first investments was part of Google’s Dublin headquarters. our expert explains Portal-SCPI.frAntoine Cesari.

Management company: ATLAND Voisin

Price per share: EUR 208.00

Minimum number of shares: 10

Payout rate in 2021: 5.36%

Geographic distribution: 34% Ile-de-France 66% Regions

Typological distribution: local offices, shops, etc.

SRI Mark (Socially Responsible Investment)

“The peculiarity of this SCPI is that it invests exclusively in regional citiestherefore, this means that none of its properties are located in Europe (outside of France), it is a diversified French SCPI number 1 in terms of its capitalization and profitability. Antoine Cesari says

Management company: Evryale Asset Management

Unit price: EUR 200.00

Minimum number of shares: 5

Payout rate in 2021: 4.80%

Geographic breakdown: 67% Eurozone, 28% Regions, 5.3% Île-de-France.

Typological distribution: Health»

According to our consultant, “This healthcare-specialized SCPI had wind in its sails during COVID. The strength of this SCPI is that tenants have been in operation for an average of 16 and a half years, which gives a good indication of the future.”

Management company: Chianeos AM

Unit price: EUR 1080.00

Minimum number of shares: 10

Rate of return: 5.94%

Geographic breakdown: 100% regions

Typological distribution: shops, housing.

“Without a doubt, this SCPI specialized in the housing sector is one of our flagship products on! We also recommend it for our clients who have a fairly low tax situation.” Antoine Cesari says

Management company: Perial AM

Unit price: EUR 544.00

Minimum number of shares: 10

Rate of return: 4.42%

Geographic distribution: 69% Ile-de-France 22% Paris 9% regions

Typological distribution: local activity offices, shops.

SRI Mark (Socially Responsible Investment)

“This is a defensive SCPI that has been around for 40 years, formerly known as ‘PF1’. He also has battle chests in his portfolio with higher M2 prices.”

Management company: Sofidi

Unit price: EUR 340.00

Minimum number of shares: 4

Rate of return: 4.64%

Geographic breakdown: 24% Ile-de-France 29% Regions 24% Paris 23% Eurozone

Typological distribution: shops, offices, etc.

  • OF Hospitality Europe:

Management company: Perial AM

Unit price: EUR 200.00

Minimum number of shares: 5

Rate of return: 4.53%

Geographic breakdown: 100% Eurozone.

Typological distribution: Hotels, housing, health

“PF Hospitality Europe can capitalize on 55 years of experience with undeniable reliability. Indeed, the management company has survived several crises, such as the internet bubble or the 2008 crisis.”

Management company: Corum AM

Unit price: 189.00 EUR

Minimum number of shares: 1

Rate of return: 5.84%

Geographic distribution: 53% of the Eurozone 47% outside the Eurozone

Typological distribution: local activity offices, shops.

“This is a diversified SCPI that will aim for the best distribution of profits in more than 10 countries around the world, which plays very well with the more defensive SCPI. Since there are no assets in France, this is SCPI with 100% tax exemption.”

Management company: Sogenial Immobilier

Unit price: 648.50 euros

Minimum number of shares: 10

Rate of return: 6.43%

Geographic distribution: 77% regions, 23% Île-de-France.

Typological distribution: local activity offices, shops.

Management company: Alderan

Unit price: 610.00 EUR

Minimum number of shares: 10

Rate of return: 6.02%

Geographic breakdown: 82% regions 18% Ile-de-France

Typological distribution: offices of local activity.

SRI Mark (Socially Responsible Investment)

“SCPI Activimmo stands out from other SCPIs because it is the only company that 100% invests in logistics. This sector has been particularly buoyant due to the health crisis as needs have skyrocketed. Also, SCPI Activimmo is SCPI, which currently makes a lot of sense. Since e-commerce sites need bonded warehouses and facilities to store their goods before they ship, logistics real estate is really in high demand.”

Selecting SCPI: Why Hire a Consultant?

As such, many of the SCPIs are of interest in the market, and in order to take full advantage of the SCPIs in line with your heritage goals, we encourage you to contact professionals in the field.

According Antoine Cesariexpert consultant in Portal-SCPI.frDespite the growing success of SCPI among the population, there is still a need to remain vigilant and selective: “Fascinated by the attractive presentation of these investments, more and more investors are turning to SCPI. However, make no mistake: not all SCPIs are the same! Our role as a management consultant heritage precisely to show our clients the best SCPIs on the market!” is a site founded by wealth management consultants. Our experts with more than 10 years of experience are ready to answer your questions and support you in your investments. Do not hesitate and make an appointment directly on the website or by phone