Investing now is the solution for profit!

The concept of investment is an integral part of our economic and financial model. All major players in the economy participate in it in their own way and, of course, within their means. The days when investing mostly took place in the stock market are now gone with new technologies. And since it would be a shame to miss this opportunity, together we will see why investing in new cryptocurrencies can be a lifelong opportunity and can even make you rich.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies have changed the rules of the game, creating many opportunities for all investors.

But before continuing, what is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps track of transactions made between cryptocurrency holders. Initially, it is anonymous because both parties proceed to the exchange in encrypted form. And in order to solve this encryption, it is the computers on the network that decrypt part of the block assigned to them. There is no intermediary here, the entire network is involved and verifies the transaction from start to finish.

Okay, I’m starting to understand what blockchain is!

But what is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital “token” that serves as an exchange value on the network. Either exchange monetary value and be exchanged for fiat currency (euro, dollars, etc.), or allow its owner to use the services offered by the blockchain technology on which it is located.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, each of which is convertible into euros or dollars. Here is a partial list of the most famous:

  • bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • xrp
  • litecoin
  • US dollars
  • DogeCoin

Invest in the stock market or blockchain?

The correct answer is both! But let’s still clarify the situation. Investing in the stock market is often like buying shares in a listed company. With a long-term vision of making a profit. To get this action, you will have to invest in its total cost. For example, if an action costs €100, you will have to spend €100 to get it. And your actions will be governed by the current legislation on the stock market.

For cryptocurrency, it’s a little different because you’ll be able to buy it in its entirety or for a fraction of its price. This has a double benefit:

The first : This makes the concept of investment accessible to a small portfolio and also allows you to create a portfolio of digital assets according to your capabilities.

Second A: You can easily mix your investments in multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. And even if you only own a fraction of a cryptocurrency, the moment it increases in value, the fraction you own also increases in value.

Why choose cryptocurrencies?

It is at this point that we are going to discuss that cryptocurrencies have all their advantages over stocks. Yield will matter ! Every year, when markets rise, cryptocurrencies show much higher returns on investment than stocks on the same time curve. It is not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to rise in price by more than 1000% in a year, and sometimes much less than in a week.

However, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies very changeable and the fall can be rough. So, as with any investment, you should not invest more than you can lose and spread your risk across multiple financial products.

Like any financial product, learn about the cryptocurrency of your choice, the technology it supports and future projects will be a necessary foundation before launch. To secure your investment, it is always recommended to choose a proven cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Cryptocurrencies of the future?

Cryptocurrencies have been attracting the interest of banks and governments for several years now. Some countries have already created their own virtual currency or have adopted Bitcoin as their national currency, for example. Cryptocurrencies truly represent the future of the economy, so don’t risk missing out on the best profitable investment opportunities.