Investing in SCPI: the right decision for your money



As inflation hits records, the French are wondering where to invest their money to boost their purchasing power. More than a million of them have already bought shares in real estate investment companies (SCPI). It’s a good idea at the moment: to reconcile stone performance and safety. How to safely invest in SCPI performance? This is what will be presented to you.


Why investing in SCPI is the right decision for your money?

• Because SCPI returns protect against inflation

Since there has been no inflation in almost 37 years, the SCPI of return is an investment to keep in your portfolio to protect yourself from rising prices. Indeed, the most effective SCPIs bring in about 6% of net profit per year. This performance is not measurable with the Livret A account and with life insurance contracts in euro funds.

• Because SCPI applies to all real estate.

Whether it be offices, commercial walls, warehouses, business premises, health and education related properties, hotel walls, tourist properties and residential properties, SCPI returns allow you to invest your money in all kinds of assets.

Thus, there are both “pure player” SCPIs, that is, investing in only one type of asset, such as logistics real estate, and diversified SCPIs.

As explained Gregory Moulineuxone of the founding partners Central SCPI (, French leading digital savings network: ” Aware of the fact that they cannot buy an office building on their own, investors contacting us by want to diversify their real estate holdings by investing their savings in office SCPIs, but not only. »

• Because the SCPI yield indices allow for investment throughout Europe.

European SCPIs offer wide geographic opportunities for finding additional investment opportunities.

In addition to this welcome geographic diversification, European SCPI is financially attractive. Indeed, their dividends are not subject to social security contributions at the rate of 17.2%.

• Because yield indices are managed by professionals

Only this work is performed by management companies that have created and manage all the SKPI on the market. They know how to find, to the delight of their SCPI partners, the most appropriate buildings that best fit their heritage strategy.

These management companies also relieve their partners of any management restrictions as they do all the management work. Partners are satisfied with receiving their dividends every month or every quarter.

• Because yield FDA can be purchased on credit

Buying SCPI on credit allows you to both grow your real estate holdings faster and reduce your outstanding capital each month. The leverage effect also results in investing your money at 6% per annum while paying less than 2%.

• Because SCPI yields can be obtained by dividing ownership

By investing in holding SCPI shares with performance, it is wise to pay them less without benefiting from their income. It is the choice of highly taxed investors who prefer to increase their capital rather than receive taxable income.

Good to know: Ownership of high performance SCPI devices is not subject to property tax (IFI).

What performance SCPIs should I invest in?

• First you must mix the SCPI.

A sustainable SCPI portfolio must consist of at least three SCPIs. This is what the pros call pooling pooling.

• In thematic SCPI and European SCPI

Thematic SCPI and European SCPI seem necessary today. Along with a diversified portfolio strategy, one can specifically target a sector such as food or logistics.

Where to find the best SCPIs?

• It is necessary to get close to OIR specialists

The SCPI market includes more and more SCPIs and more and more management companies. Therefore, it is not easy to make the best SCPI choice. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to seek advice from SCPI specialists, such as those from Central SCPI ( They will be able to find both the most effective SCPI for their clients and, if needed, the best SCPI loan.

Since the price of SCPI shares is the same regardless of the distribution channel, buying your SCPI with the help of specialists does not cost more than the price of their shares.

• La Centrale des SCPI, a win-win scenario for the distribution of SCPI shares.

Created ten years ago by its founding partners Lionel Benamou, Gregory Moulineux and Véronique Baron, Central SCPI allows you to independently create customized and highly sustainable SCPI portfolios for your clients.

Central SCPI also offers its latest free ancillary services such as tax filing assistance and buying your SCPI performance online with SCPI-SIGN, an e-signature software for subscription forms.

At a time when the French fear for their purchasing power, it makes sense to invest in high-performance SCPIs. The most effective SCPIs bring their partners about 6% of net profit per year. This number speaks for itself.

You no longer need to invest in SCPI on better terms, the easiest way is to turn to SCPI specialists, for example, in Central SCPI ( /, the first SCPI comparator on the market.

The best value for your money currently is to place it in SCPI performance. Your purchasing power will thank you. Expert’s word.


An investment in SCPI is not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets. Before making a decision to buy SCPI stock, consult with a professional to ensure that this investment fits your asset profile. Finally, as with any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long term investments with a minimum holding period of eight years.