invest in youth energy

Charter: Local missions (436 in France) play a central role in youth integration. And this would not have been possible without the links established with economic, political and associative actors. To formalize this partnership, during a general meeting held on the territory of the City Community, a charter was signed with the leaders of 14 companies and two federations (construction and pastry bakers). “We understand that too many young people are still left out,” says director Paula Vicencio-Beck. However, Local Mission staff on all fronts help 16-25 year olds to survive. “This charter, and this is the first time, stipulates that, on the one hand, as on the other, we are committed to points that promote the integration of young people. On the one hand, young people must learn the codes of the world of work, and on the other hand, business leaders must also learn to know them better,” the manager clarifies. According to Roland Roth, president of the association that manages the structure, “Local Mission is to help young people find jobs in a sustainable way. Young people have ideas, potential and energy for development.”

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Local mission VS Pôle Employ: “Our work is different from that of Pôle Emploi. We are not in opposition, but complement each other, because in addition to professional support, we have a social component in our actions,” says Paula Visensio-Beck.

Rack placement: Finding housing is sometimes a difficult step for young people who are in precarious situations. In order to maximize awareness of this issue, seminars were organized at the local mission premises. “This allows us to develop various aspects, such as the budget, loans,” the director notes. To support them in their efforts, a housing stall was set up at the local mission headquarters. The consultant in charge of this activity advises and informs young people about the conditions for access to independent housing, their rights and obligations.

2021 in a few figures: In 2021, 433 young people were accepted for the first time; 1,336 young people (680 girls, 656 boys) were considered “accompanied young people” who completed at least one individual interview (6,510 conducted in 2021); 2694 young people were in contact, that is, they had at least one activity with the local Mission. The latter works in the employment sector of Sarreguemines, i.e. 83 municipalities. 303 companies welcomed young people of the Mission as part of internships or job openings.

Also in jail: Once a month, the Local Mission is on duty in the pre-trial detention center. In 2021, 17 individual interviews were conducted there, 8 young people were in contact and 8 received support.

Pay attention to diplomas: In the employment pool, we see that professional bachelors make up 63% of registered young people. 104 young people have a university degree, including six with a master’s degree (or equivalent).