I want to invest in real estate: what devices will help me?


Investing in real estate can sometimes be a headache for non-professional owners: unpaid rent, damage to property, work to bring it back to normal, taxation. However, the state has taken several measures aimed at individuals that are important to be aware of before starting. We are enlightened by François Paquet, a lawyer for the firm of Stéphane Paquet-Coe.

1 – Free deposit: Visale

Visale is eligible for a free system that covers up to 36 months of unpaid rent and covers up to two months’ rent for home repairs.

To use it, the tenant must be under 30 years of age or have an income of less than 1,500 euros net per month. The tenant is certified by Action Logement.

Taking advantage of this, the owner guarantees the receipt of rent and the repair of possible degradation.

2 – Rental Mediation

Owners can rent out their property through a third party that manages the property for them.

onetime Solution: The owner leases to an association that makes it available to low-income subtenants. It is the association that pays the rent and restores the property in case of damage. This way the rent is guaranteed and the property is managed by a professional.

2th solution: the property is transferred to a third party on the basis of a management mandate. A third party manages the property and is responsible for collecting rent and fees. In this context, the Visale system can be activated automatically, as well as special insurance against non-payment of rent and damage.

Thus, the property is managed by a professional on a daily basis, freeing the owner from this burden.

3 – DossierFacile.fr

This site checks the files of potential tenants for free. Applicants upload documents from their file online. DossierFacile.fr operators then check the file for completeness, consistency, and clarity in less than 24 hours. Thus, the owners receive complete and verified files. Thus, the owners have a complete and safe file when choosing a tenant.

Other schemes allow you to get help with repairs, interest-free loans and tax credits.

4 – My repair bonus

The Ma Prime Rénov system allows, under certain conditions, to receive partial coverage of the cost of work to improve the energy efficiency of the facility.

This device is combined with energy saving certifications and zero interest environmental credit.

Depending on the project, assistance can reach several thousand euros.

5 – Local benefits

The Loc’Avantages scheme allows properties to be rented out at reduced rents in exchange for significant tax credits, which in some cases can be as high as 65%.

In addition, special financial assistance may be provided for works and property repairs.

Tax cuts can significantly increase profitability compared to leasing property outside the system.

Thus, by planning his project well and mobilizing all possible funds, the owner can make a very interesting financial transaction, both thanks to help and tax savings, while ensuring the payment of rent and fees.

Thus, non-professionals can invest with complete peace of mind!

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