“How do we manage now? ‘: Macron against the wall

DTwo months after his inglorious re-election, Emmanuel Macron was subjected to harsh sanctions at the ballot box. Although his aides had been telling him for a week that an absolute majority was possible, the president and his Together coalition won only 245 seats. Far, far from the threshold of 289 deputies. A loss of nearly 75 seats compared to the 2017 wave. Worse, several macroni historical figures are being swept away: Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly, and former Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. The Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, was beaten by the government, as was Amélie de Montchalin, number 6 on the protocol.

In the Elysee Palace, where the head of state has invited his closest advisers and a handful of ministers, there is a cold shower. Like in Matignon, where the members of the Cabinet gathered. With the obsessive question: “How are we going to manage now?” asks the strategist. The presidential coalition lacks about fifty deputies to hope for reforms. Therefore, it will be necessary to look for, in each case, the missing voices on the side of compatible right and compatible left. In other words, mission impossible… This is the “most action” that Elizabeth Bourne intends to shape around “full employment, ecological transition, equal opportunity, schools, health care, sovereignty of industry, energy and agriculture.

Macron will consult

The Republicans, through their President Christian Jacob, rejected any possibility of an agreement. Therefore, only a few of them could be constructive. On the left, it’s hard to imagine a few socialists re-elected thanks to an alliance with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is helping the government. Thus, from an arithmetic point of view, the situation is complex. Emmanuel Macron is aware of this and will start consultations outside his camp on Monday. “The answer to the question of how to govern must be given collectively. The President has already spoken of French democracy fatigue after his first campaign in 2017 and again after the Yellow Vests. The relative majority will force everyone to think and act out of divisions and positions. “, tried to relativize one of his relatives who were present at the Elysee Palace on Sunday evening.

We have come across a potential reserve. How do we send texts? I want to be explained. Nothing can be done there. we’re on the blockgovernment source

However, there is a unanimous conclusion in his camp: the country is ungovernable. The threat of total blocking is real. Unlike the days of Michel Rocard, Elizabeth Bourne cannot do without 49-3: its use is strictly regulated after the 2008 constitutional reform. from LR, how many PIs are willing to work with us? It will be on a case by case basis. What frightens me is that fundamental reforms in the country are impossible. The reaction of financial markets will not be long in coming “- the adviser to the authorities was alarmed. “We are facing a potential reserve. How do we send texts? I want to be explained. Nothing can be done there. we’re on the block “We support an important ministry.

So what to do? The question arises of the retention of Elisabeth Bourne in Matignon, despite her election in Calvados. Macronists expect the LR to raise the stakes and demand the appointment of one of them in exchange for a less categorical attitude in parliament … Another limitation: if the president wants to dissolve, he will have to wait a year. The Ministry of Relations with Parliament took up the issue on Sunday evening, and the Constitution requires the use of these weapons “during the year following these elections.” “The subject is the president. We did not motivate or convince our voters. The French, who don’t like the president, took their revenge. Will he retire? This is a question,” ventured the strategist.

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