Greater Paris: where to invest in real estate?

Greater Paris: where to invest in real estate?
Greater Paris: where to invest in real estate?

The Greater Paris project is on everyone’s mind, and investors are already arriving from all over France and even the world to see if a few plots of land can be profitable for them in the future. Add to that the fact that real estate is booming in the wake of the health crisis and you have the perfect combination to hit the deep end.

Thus, the Île-de-France region and all departments associated with it are in the focus of financial attention, the impact of which should be very significant. Therefore, we have identified and identified several cities that should be among the most interesting in terms of post-investment spin-offs. Where to invest in real estate in Greater Paris? We tell you everything!

Saint Denis

The flagship city of Seine-Saint-Denis, the so-called “nine-three”, ranks first for all the projects and infrastructure it offers. Located just outside of Paris, it has the honor of owning the famous Stade de France and will host the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris! The construction of the future Saint-Denis Pleyel station abounds in this direction and should eventually convince people to go there.

Invest in some of the 4,500 unique and contemporary spaces coming up in the future and invite future fellow citizens and other students to put their feet under the table or on the TV stand to make themselves comfortable in this city that all of Paris will soon have to rely on. .


The second option on this list is Romainville. Another city in Seine-Saint-Denis, Romainville is also very interesting in terms of future real estate investment. Line 11 Grand Paris Express will extend the connection of tram T1, RER E and metro line 15 to Romainville.

The city is very well developed commercially and in addition to the many schools it offers, there is room for culture. Therefore, it is ideal for all families.


In the light of Greater Paris, Courbevoie will host major global acts such as Total, Engie and Areva. Line 13 is to be extended to connect Courbevoie directly to the capital.

Needless to say, rental housing will flourish there as soon as business flourishes in Courbevoie.


It’s one of those cities that gives off a rural feel and promises a quiet life at first glance despite the many local shops. Claye Souilly, located in the Seine-et-Marne department, has everything to seduce families looking for a cozy new nest.

Its young and active population enjoys vast areas of greenery that enhance the dynamism of the environment. Residents of the future will only need to blend in with the crowd.


Just a stone’s throw from Paris, Poissy contains a huge architectural heritage. The reputation of the Notre Dame institution and the Toy Museum is well known. To top it off, commercial premises with restaurants and cinemas are scattered with due tact to the surrounding tranquility.

Feel free to come and invest in local real estate to earn a good income and comfortably accommodate families.


In recent years, Aubervilliers has created many social and green infrastructures to restore an image somewhat tarnished by the past. Therefore, all the housing, shops, schools and green spaces built over the years to create ecodistricts will be obvious arguments for any entrepreneur who wants to invest in local real estate.

It has also experienced very strong growth in recent years, and this is no accident.


It is now the turn of the Val-de-Marne to attract future investors in the lease, since Villejuif has many arguments to bring to its future inhabitants. The Gustave de Roussy and Louis Aragon stations will soon become part of the local transport heritage to come, visit and rent the 500 accommodation units planned for the opening of Greater Paris.


Based on the district of La Defense, the city of Nanterre is already firmly established in the city of light. Real estate investments in the area will be numerous and interesting. These accommodations will also be for students and will generally be at least 35 years of age. The multi-purpose Paris La Défense Arena and the famous Aillaud towers will soon be equipped with adjacent residential towers to accommodate people who must pursue their profession or study in the sector. A sector that has been growing more and more over the years.

Metro lines 15 and 18 should be available, as well as RER E. The big corporate headquarters and the University of Paris West will eventually convince all these beautiful people to come and live here.

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