Foreigners, discover the main French application for easy investment

Higher income, lower cost of living, better savings opportunities, preferential taxation… Emigration is a very good time in your life to invest your money.

Do you also want to take advantage of your alien status to increase your savings?

Mon Petit Placement offers you the perfect solution for an easy, remote and easy investment!

Mon Petit Placement: the French app that makes investments accessible to everyone

It is estimated, according to HSBC research, that more than one in ten expatriates would double their salary abroad. To this is often added a lower cost of living than in France and very attractive tax breaks.

Whether it’s developing your assets, anticipating a fall in retirement income, or securing your children’s future, investing money as an expat is especially smart.

But how do you choose the financial investment best suited to your needs? And, above all, how to invest in a simple and safe way if you live thousands of kilometers from France and know little or nothing about the trends of the French financial markets?

Mon Petit Placement, a fintech from Lyon created in 2017, offers you turnkey solution to overcome these limitations and invest your money with ease.

Wherever you are, this innovative app allows you to invest from your smartphone. 10 minutes barely, and from 300 €.

The ideal solution for individual investments, completely remote

As soon as you arrive at the platform, you are escorted and individually advised by experts.

These advisors carefully study your profile and offer you investment strategy perfectly matches your goals. Available 7 days a week (by phone, email or chat), they are at your service at any time.

Thus, whatever your knowledge of financial investment, whether you are a beginner or an insider, you will definitely make an individual investmentreliable and safe.

Mon Petit Placement allows you to invest for life insurance products. This financial investment is known for its excellent risk/reward ratio. It is also the second favorite investment of French people living abroad. As a non-resident, you are indeed exempt from social security contributions (CSG, CRDS, etc.) on this type of investment, allowing you to earn even higher returns.

In addition, the platform allows access high-tech financial products and much more dynamic than those offered by banking institutions.

It is also a very economical alternative: with Mon Petit Placement you do not pay an entry fee, only performance fee apply. Throughout your investment, you also retain control of your money and can invest and withdraw funds independently.

To suit all needs, the platform gives you the choice between 4 investor profileswith different returns and different levels of risk:

4 investor profiles

so you can Increase your savings with peace of mindduring your emigration and upon your return to France.

To invest in Mon Petit Placement, go to After creating your online account, within minutes you will receive a free and non-binding personalized investment strategy tailored to your profile and your goals!

Ready to start? Take advantage of this exclusive offer: 30% off your first year commissions! To take advantage of this, use PETITJOURNAL code.