Financial assistance for vacation

While over a third of French people are unable to go on vacation for financial reasons, it should be remembered that there are several public and private assistance schemes that allow low-income families to go on vacation: holiday vouchers, CAF family holidays, access to stay. at discounted rates for 18/25 year olds and seniors…

Help from the cafe for the holidays

The family allowance funds distribute several allowances for the holidays. In any case, it is necessary to obtain reliable information from your Cafe or your MSA foundation.

First of all, it is the Family Holiday Assistance (AVF) provided by some cafes and the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) foundations.

With the Vacaf device, your Caf can offer you various holiday helpers. Family Vacation Assistance covers part or all of a certain amount of family living expenses, such as camping or mobile homes. As well as the cost of accessing children to a certain number of activities (holiday camp, approved center).

To qualify, you must be a recipient of at least one family allowance (family allowance, family support allowance) per dependent child under age 20 and meet the resource conditions set by CAF. The amount of assistance can vary greatly depending on the share of the family, the composition of the family and the holiday formula (camping, camping, lodge, recreation center, rental). Eligible families are automatically notified by their Caf in the mail during the first quarter of the holiday. If the family does not receive this letter, then they are not eligible for Vacaf.

Finally, in order to use the AVF, you must comply with the terms and conditions of your stay:

  • I’m going on vacation with the kids
  • Take time off during school holidays
  • The place of stay must be on the list of centers approved by Vacaf,
  • The period must be no more than 14 nights.

Along with AVF, Caf (and MSA funds) distribute other financial aid for the holidays.

  • Children’s Vacation Vouchers (AVE) are prepaid vouchers with a validity of one year from the date of issue, which allow you to pay for the child’s leisure during his stay in the camp or recreation center. Access conditions, amounts and titles vary depending on the means: holiday tickets, free time passports, cafe vouchers… AVE varies depending on the proportion of the family, the composition of the family and its size. CAF sends a letter to beneficiary families, as does AVF.
  • Additional social assistance can be allocated, vary depending on the funds.

Holiday vouchers

Holiday vouchers for employees and non-employees

holiday travel forms are benefits provided by an employer, social and economic committee (formerly workers’ council), local government or public organization to their employees in the private sector and in the public service. They are paid in the form of personalized paychecks for 10, 20, 25 or 50 euros in order to pay for holidays and leisure : campsite, home, hotel, restaurant, holiday club, travel agencies, train, plane ticket, car rental, amusement park, museum, monument… They can also be accessed and used in a dematerialized form” connect holiday vouchers ”, a mobile application for face-to-face payments, remotely on the Internet, from 20 euros. Holiday vouchers are valid for three years, including the year of issue.

Holiday vouchers for people with financial difficulties

Holiday Project Assistance (APV) is a program administered by the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers, designed for people in economically and socially precarious situations: families with low and very low incomes, single adults, in particular the disabled, whose family wealth is less than 900 euros. APV is paid in the form of vacation vouchers which can cover up to 80% of the costs. To take advantage of this, you must contact the ANCV partner organization.

Program “Departure 18-25”: holiday vouchers for youth

The 6 to 25 Check Out Program is a program administered by the National Vacation Checks Agency (ANCV) and offered by young people aged 18 to 25, with low resources (reference tax income less than 17,280 euros per year for the tax part) and be a scholarship student or under an apprenticeship or work-study contractsubsidized contract, civil service volunteer enrolled in a second chance school or Garantie Jeunes recipient.
After checking their eligibility, they choose to stay by the sea, in the mountains or in the city, in France or in Europe at
They benefit from assistance in financing up to 80% of their stay, up to a limit of 250 euros.

Holiday vouchers for pensioners

However, in order to allow financially distressed seniors to go on vacation, the National Vacation Checks Agency is proposing program “Seniors on vacation”. To use it, the elderly person must be at least 60 years old (55 years in case of disability), live in France and be either retired or without professional activity.

“Festive Solidarity Grant”

Bourse Solidarité Vacances (BSV) is a vacation assistance scheme, also operated by the National Agency for Vacation Vouchers (ANCV), that allows people on very low incomes or in precarious situations to go on vacation, regardless of their location, at very competitive rates. offers for accommodation and recreation.

BSV payment is subject to resource conditions and the request must go through the National Vacation Check Agency (ANCV) social reference partner.

“Annual Holiday Ticket” SNCF

Any employee, civil servant, job seeker, craftsman, pensioner, etc., as well as their relatives traveling with them on the same train, can use once a year reduced fare for a round trip of at least 200 km, during your annual holiday in France.

The discount is 25%, subject to conditions increases to 50% if at least half of the ticket price is paid with tourist vouchers. Before purchasing train tickets, you must fill out an application form and send it to the SNCF point of sale, along with the necessary supporting documents. More information is available on the SNCF website.

And many other vacation benefits

In addition to the holiday voucher system, there are other means to access cheaper holidays: social and economic committee (CSE, former works council) or mutual may, for example, offer their members, under certain conditions, subsidized travel, subsidized vacation rentals, etc.
Also don’t forget to check your city hall, department or region who can offer help in the form of a prepaid check, scholarship or other.
In any case, feel free to ask!