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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] To establish itself as the leading real estate group in its sector without losing sight of customer service and the performance of its employees. This is the goal of Christelle Clauss Immobilier.

From the first agency to the birth of the brand

Kristel Klauss is well versed in the real estate industry, in which she has been developing since 1999. Together with her husband, who is in finance, in 2007 she decides to create the first agency associated with the Orpi network. This is the starting point of the adventure. real estate is as dynamic as it is ambitious. For the first twelve years, the duo of entrepreneurs opened one agency a year, and today they open ten. In January 2020, he decided to break free and created a brand structured like a franchise but 100% integrated: Christelle Clauss Immobilier. The goal is to stand out from the competition and be able to develop independently.

Christelle Clauss Immobilier is slowly becoming an integrated family group with leasing, management, transactions and trustees. If a good part is given over to old real estate, the chain puts up for sale housing in VEFA to expand its offer. He has his own “New Programs” tab on his website. The brand grows in line with the expectations of its customers and the various stages of hiring, mainly employees.

While Christelle Clauss Immobilier has focused its development on Alsace, its historical sector, the brand has been present since 2020 in Haute-Savoie, around Annecy and Lake Geneva.

    Christelle and Mathieu Clauss, Group Directors Christelle Clauss Immobilier
Christelle and Mathieu Clauss, Group Managers Christelle Clauss Immobilier © Christelle Clauss Immobilier

Offer employees career growth opportunities

From their first real estate agency, the couple were already aiming to form a group. Everything happened very quickly thanks to the possibility of agency takeovers. But saying “group” does not mean moving away from the values ​​that make up the DNA of Christelle Clauss Immobilier: a family atmosphere and a brand that develops with care for the development of its employees. Five slogans are repeated like a mantra: courage, confidence, determination, dexterity, exemplary. The group has just opened its strategy to independent sales agents and currently employs around 120 employees.

Today Christelle Clauss Immobilier continues its development and recruitment. The selection is based on a test. Because, as the founder likes to point out, the organization is primarily looking for individuals, passionate, flexible profiles, with a sense of team and service, who want to invest in real estate, relying on a growing group. There is no need to justify a long career in real estate or trading, after which in-house training and support is provided. The Christelle Clauss Immobilier Group recognizes the importance and power of reliable human resources. To do this, employees and the self-employed are given the same tools so that everyone has a chance to develop and prosper.

Christelle Clauss Immobiliers: an ambitious project with a focus on customer service

The Christelle Clauss real estate group, established in 2020, has reached a turnover of 5 million euros with the support of 50 employees and 12 agencies. By 2022, he wants to hire 30 additional employees (full-time and self-employed) and achieve a turnover of 12 million euros. By 2030, about 100 agencies should make up the Christelle Clauss Immobilier group with a turnover of around 45 million euros.

As with Alsace, the brand aims to become a real estate leader in Haute-Savoie before aiming for national development, still through acquisition agency rather than creation.

In its development, the group wants to continue to build customer loyalty by offering career opportunities to its employees. The Group also attaches great importance to customer service and continuously measures customer satisfaction through various metrics.

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