Europlasma invests 2.5 million euros in new subsidiary Satma Industries

The Europlasma group in Morsenx (Landes), headquartered in Pessac (Metropolis of Bordeaux), specializes in plasma torch decontamination technologies and is accelerating its development. Europlasma, now run by Jérôme Garnache-Créiot and now employing about 200 people, is listed on the stock exchange and thus announces an investment of around 2.5 million euros to power Grenoble-based Satma Industries (formerly Satma PPC) . ), acquired by the Landes Group in April last year, a new production line.

Europlasma acquires Satma PPC, Grenoble’s strategic company

Satma Industries manufactures aluminum anodes. The electronic components that are needed to make electrolytic capacitors are those small cylinders found in computers, for example, that are used to store energy in the form of an electrical charge. With this investment, Satma Industries, which has had twelve production lines so far, will get another one, which should have higher productivity.twice as high as the previous ones, while reducing energy consumption by more than 25%“.

Application for processing 1000 tons of asbestos waste

Prior to the Satma takeover, PPC achieved a turnover of €9.4 million in 2021, up from €8.7 million in 2020, with a net income of €400,000. Europlasma also says it is exploring additional investment to install a solid secondary fuel boiler (SRC) at the Satma Industries site. A very technical recovery fuel in which the Landes group is an expert. On the other hand, the Europlasma group sees new opportunities opening up for it in the well-known area of ​​the final neutralization of asbestos waste, in which the group has become one of the first specialists in the world thanks to its subsidiary. Inertam. A market where the Canadian group Pyrogenesis is also positioned.

“Inertam has received notices of requests to export 1,000 tons of asbestos waste from Italy for vitrification at its Morsenks facility. The Italian authorities are reviewing export documents and the first deliveries of asbestos waste to Inertam should take place within a year. and stretch out for several months,” comments the management of Europlasma.

The New Aquitaine region gave Europlasma an advance of 1.7 million euros

Ash of ultrachlorinated household waste in China

The latter also reports that Europlasma Environmental Technology (EET), its subsidiary in China, has just completed the installation of a pilot furnace for the final treatment by vitrification of incinerator ash (fly ash) in its research and development in cooperation with Hangzhou Dianji University. (HDU) in east China. Europlasma has been processing this fly ash called Refiom (fume cleaning residue from municipal waste incineration) for years, but has had to adapt to Chinese reality.

“The historical Europlasma vitrification process has been adapted to a type of fly ash in the Chinese market that has a high concentration of chlorine,” the group explains.

Europlasma management also notes that in China, municipal waste incinerators have a processing capacity of 100,000 to 200,000 tons per year. This incineration ash is a hazardous waste containing all heavy metals and represents 4% of the total waste sent to the incinerator. More specifically, Europlasma should immediately begin full-scale testing of four municipal waste incinerators owned by a major Chinese group, whose identity has not been released. The latter owns about 30 such incinerators and wants to make sure the Europlasma solution works before rolling it out to the entire perimeter.

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