E-learning course on sustainable finance produced by AXA Climate and France Invest.

AXA Climate School, in partnership with France Invest, is launching an online course on sustainable finance in France and Europe. This two-hour course is designed to provide the necessary prerequisites for understanding sustainable transition issues and the European and French concept of sustainable finance.

This online course is intended for all audiences and in particular for investors in management companies and their holdings with a preferential rate for the France Invest community.

We want to becomeSection 8“, what does this mean? How to determine the level of compliance of my activity with the European taxonomy? Do we need to write a TCFD report? Which of our holdings will be required to report using the CSRD structure? And above all, why should finance evolve towards this reporting?green” ?

Here are some of the questions this new learning path answers. It consists of two main parts: the first is devoted to the scientific issues of sustainable transition, the second – the rules of sustainable financing, which investors must or will have to comply with.

Around twenty educational videos, complete with learning quizzes, introduce the core concepts of the sustainable finance regulatory framework: European Taxonomy, Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), Article 29 Energy climate code. Law, Task Force on Financial Climate Disclosure (TCFD).

This training course is intended for all employees of investment management companies (SGPs) as well as their investments. The training aims to give everyone a common base on climate and ESG topics. This allows everyone to understand which texts will have a specific impact on their activities and in what way. With this in mind, its content has been designed to be accessible to all audiences.

Understanding transition (6 lessons)

Understanding transition (6 lessons)

Understanding sustainable finance (9 courses)

Understanding sustainable finance (9 courses)

Claire Chabrier, President of France InvestThis is an innovative approach for France Invest to partner with AXA Climate School, which specializes in e-learning and has an impact on many learners. One of the key objectives of France Invest is to ensure a fair transition and sustainable growth, which is the key to business performance. It is imperative that sustainable finance topics no longer be the sole responsibility of the management company’s ESG managers, but that each investor takes full responsibility for them. This unprecedented training allows these messages to be widely disseminated.

From Antoine Poincaré, Vice President, AXA Climate Schoolthis course is in response to the demand we have seen for several months in the investment funds with which our consulting department works. This collaboration with France Invest, with whom we developed the content, will ensure the widest possible distribution to educate as many students as possible about the challenges of sustainable finance.“.

About France Invest

France Invest brings together almost all private equity groups active in France and, as of December 31, 2021, has about 400 active members and 180 associate members. Due to its mission of ethics, control and development of market practices, it is one of two associations recognized by the AMF, membership in which is one of the conditions for the approval of management companies. It is the only professional association dedicated to the private equity business. Promoting the place and role of private equity, actively participating in its development by bringing the entire profession together and establishing best practices, methods and tools for the professional and responsible exercise of the shareholder profession are among France’s priorities.

Additional information: www.franceinvest.eu

About AXA Climate School

The Climate School is a reference online learning that allows organizations from all sectors to educate their employees about the environment. It is developed by AXA Climate, a division of the AXA Group specialized in climate change adaptation. Launched in 2021 and available in ten languages, the Climate School already has two million users and is deployed by companies such as Saint-Gobain, Accor, Schneider Electric and Ubisoft.

More information: www.axaclimateschool.com