Cryptocurrencies enter the market of traditional finance and gain momentum

Cryptocurrencies have long existed as a kind of isolated enclave of the traditional global financial system. But thanks to an influx of institutional investors and growing interest, the line between these two worlds has begun to blur.

Increasingly, crypto exchanges began to offer their users new services similar to those that exist in the world of traditional finance, such as options, futures, high-end savings account equivalents, profitability, or even bank cards with the possibility of replenishing them with cryptocurrency.

Crypto platforms are enjoying the growing popularity of digital assets and are occupying niches that were previously wholly owned by banks and brokers. And they are moving forward successfully because they better understand the interests and needs of users, especially a younger audience. They offer them a low entry threshold and many features and services.

Money transfers offered by hi are free, even if they are cross-border.

Hi is a recent all-in-one super app focusing on a wide range of financial services ranging from simple money transfer, debit card and payment gateway for merchants to cryptocurrency trading, not to mention derivatives related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets.

When comparing hi with various financial services that are popular with users around the world, a large number of features immediately catch the eye. hi combines the main characteristics of payment services and trading and investment platforms.

hello, users can easily make instant transfers of funds to other accounts through the web application, mobile application, as well as chat bots in Telegram and WhatsApp. Money transfers are absolutely free, even if they are cross-border. This feature compares favorably with the pricing policies of money transfer giants like Paypal.

Hello app allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card or bank transfer in fiat currency. You can transfer US dollars, euros and other fiat currencies (GBP and HKD) directly from your bank account and convert them to any supported cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, LTC at actual cost. In addition, unlike most other platforms, hi has all the necessary tools to work with both traditional and digital currencies. This means that users will not need to have a whole bunch of financial applications on their smartphones to manage various assets. Now everything is combined into one multifunctional application.

hi users are assigned personal IBAN accounts and can therefore deposit, send and withdraw EUR and GBP instantly via the SEPA and FPS networks. For example, they can receive their salary directly into their account, make instant transfers to the accounts of friends or relatives, or deposit funds to save, spend, or invest. It works just like a regular bank account that most users are used to. In the coming months, Hi should support more local equivalents for personal IBAN accounts.

Hello app allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card or bank transfer in fiat currency.

hi would not be considered a super app if it did not offer investment vehicles. Hello, users do have access to services such as highly profitable betting products that offer their holders a gentle way to multiply their digital assets by simply locking them up for a certain period of time.

hi offers two betting products: a fixed income program and a flexible return program. Products with fixed-term rates bring their holder up to 40% per annum, depending on the cryptocurrency staked and the period during which the funds are blocked. Refunds are paid weekly. The most profitable option is to keep native hi (HI) tokens in the wallet for 365 days.

Flexible futures products offer up to 11% annual returns on USDT and 5.5% on ETH, paid weekly. The difference from fixed term products is that they do not have a lock-up period and members can withdraw their funds at any time. Currently, Flexible Earnings members also receive additional rewards for depositing their ETH or USDT. If cryptocurrencies deposited in flexible staking products are sent from a Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi or wallet address to a hi address, its owner will receive bonuses paid out in HI.

The more cryptocurrencies sent, the higher the bonus will be. If $1,000 is sent from these wallet addresses, then 5% of the deposit will be paid out in HI as a bonus. If $10,000 is sent, the bonus is doubled. And the sent 100,000 dollars give their owner a 20% bonus.

Hi is a “new word” in the financial market. This is not a special service focused solely on a niche, buying and selling cryptocurrencies, transfers or just investments. The next step that the fintech industry needs to take is to combine multiple services into one application to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies. hi is just such a super app that combines functionality with a simple and intuitive user interface (UX).

Warning: This article is promotional in nature and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money that you can afford to lose.