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Presentation of three investment funds to increase your money over time. Strategies for leveraging the structural growth of publicly listed companies in healthcare, digital technology, robotics, or clean energy that can prove to be very lucrative.

Pictet-global Megatrend Selection: wide diversification

These investments provide access to “megatrends”, those economic, technological, demographic and environmental changes that are shaking our daily lives. These funds are over-represented in so-called “growth” stocks and under-weighted in traditional sectors such as finance, oil, commodities, etc. In the short term, the outlook for higher central bank interest rates is less favorable. But “historically, this approach has yielded, compared to global indices, volatility and risk levels lower than those of the market, as well as a more attractive return expectation,” explains Karen Harmandaryan, president and chief investment officer of Tema AM.

CPR Invest Megatrends: Tactical Adjustments

A pioneer of thematic management in the 1990s, Pictet Asset Management has combined all of its expertise (health, digital, robotics, clean energy, prestige brands, etc.) than the economy as a whole. “In the long run, stock market performance matches economic performance Since its inception, Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection has outperformed its benchmark index by 0.64% per annum,” summarizes Hervé Tiard, Managing Director of Pictet AM France & Benelux. on the managers responsible for selecting securities, surrounded by advisory committees made up of scientists and former entrepreneurs who have worked on the topics that the management company has been involved in. “Each topic has its own characteristics and is very disconnected from the economic situation,” Hervé Thiart clarifies. during the economic recovery, the theme of the long-term trend may lag the market, but during recession it will work better. »

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Pictet-Global Megatrend Selection ISIN code: LU0386882277

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CPR Invest Megatrends: Tactical Adjustments

Managed by CPR AM, a subsidiary of Amundi (Crédit Agricole Group) specializing in thematic fund management, CPR Invest Megatrends is a fund of equity funds: it is a set of own funds from 12 to 20 aimed at capturing long-term – forward-looking growth potential of structural changes. “The portfolio formation process takes place in two stages. The first is to identify the most promising trends for the next three years, based on which the strategic allocation is reviewed annually, explains Wafa Ahmadi, director of thematic equity management at CPR AM. The second weighs the strategic allocation that best suits market requirements; he tactically positions the fund taking into account market cycles for the next six months, according to our managers. This method aims to adjust the portfolio to short-term market conditions in order to increase or maintain its performance while benefiting from the long-term growth of the selected stocks.

CPR Invest Megatrends ISIN code: LU1734693812

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Thematic Metafund: Belief Management

Thematics AM, a management company backed by Natixis IM (a BPCE group), operates five thematic equity funds (security, artificial intelligence and robotics, water, subscription economy and wellbeing) with no restrictions on geographic, industry or capitalization size, favoring small and medium caps , which is expected to grow faster than the market. “For each fund, we have defined an investment pool of 200 to 300 securities, which can vary significantly in terms of volatility and drawdown. [écart entre le point haut et le plus bas en Bourse, NDLR], within which we form a concentrated portfolio of 40-50 convictions,” says Karen Harmandaryan, president and chief investment officer of Thematics AM. The management company allows you to invest in all your favorite themes as part of their multi-theme fund called Meta. “The Fund offers equally balanced participation in each of the themes through investments in live securities to avoid cost aggregation,” continues the president. The portfolio is rebalanced by 20% every month. The Fund offers contributors convinced of the virtues of thematic management a more diverse palette of business sectors and geographies than any of the individual strategies. »

Thematics metafund ISIN code: LU1951202693