Business Schools: ESCA opens new campus in the heart of the financial city of Casablanca

The new campus of the ESCA School of Management was opened on Friday in the center of the financial city of Casablanca in the presence of several figures from the political, academic and business worlds.

Located in the heart of the financial city of Casablanca, rightfully considered the new urban center of the metropolis, the new campus rises on an area of ​​16,500 m2 and puts the student at the center of the educational model from the school.

Opened under the chairmanship of Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation Abdellatif Mirawi, as well as Minister Delegate for Investment, Convergence and Public Policy Evaluation Mohsin Jazouli and President of CGEM, Chakib Alj, the new ESCA campus fits harmoniously into the global architecture of the financial center “Casablanca Finance City”, benefiting from its entrepreneurial and international dynamics.

This architectural gem is at the same time a space for learning in various areas of management in accordance with the highest international academic standards and a global offer of additional services aimed at students, managers, companies and the economic sector as a whole.

On this occasion, ESCA President Tami Gorfi said that he is pleased with the opening of this campus in the presence of several politicians, as well as representatives of the academic and business world, noting that the school’s goal is to train talent, skills and leaders to the business world.

In a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news channel, he noted that the ceremony was an opportunity to discover and appreciate the school’s equipment, facilities and educational vision, pointing out that it is the first fully connected urban campus that allows students and learners of all ages to not only to have educational institutions, but also to have many living, working and co-working spaces.

According to Mr. Gorfi, the skills and abilities acquired at the school will allow students and learners to interact with the professional world, solve problems, have space for innovation, and contribute to what the industry, the economy, and also the city should be. , environment and society of tomorrow.

And to emphasize that the school, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, has more than a thousand students in various programs (bachelor’s, master’s) and profile masters, designed for young people who come from the university world and who want to enter the specialization in various areas of management, adding that the school also provides training for executives and employees of companies who want to develop in their activities.

Mr. Gorfi pointed out that an essential element is the fact that representatives of 30 nationalities study at the school, which makes this educational institution extremely international, noting that this reference institution offers the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and be able to educate not only talents who will become leaders tomorrow, but also leaders who understand the world differently.

For its part, ESCA Development Director Hisham El Ghabzuri, in a similar statement, emphasized that on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the school wanted to offer its students and participants, as part of continuing education for leaders, a space to realize and develop their skills, soft skills and hard skills, within the living space.

And to add that it is a campus of more than 16,000 square meters on eight floors with residential facilities, a state-of-the-art gym and conference room equipped with the latest technology, a start-up incubator, connected classrooms, among other things, noting that the goal is to is to provide a rich experience for all students.

ESCA is a leader in quality higher education in Morocco, he recalled, noting that the school has produced more than 4,000 graduates who are now actors and leaders at the national and international levels and are the pride of the establishment and Morocco. .

Founded in 1992, ESCA has over 4,500 alumni and educates 1,100 students, leaders and managers annually through initial and continuing education programs. 81% of its graduates hold national and international leadership positions, and 62% of them have international experience. It is the first business school in Morocco and French-speaking Africa to be accredited by the AACSB.