Business school: business, audit, finance, in what areas do graduates work?

INFOGRAPHICS. There are many career opportunities after business school: finance, auditing, construction, or even luxury. Find out which business schools rank the most graduates of their Grande Ecole program in the top five professional sectors.

Graduation from business school opens up many professional prospects. Graduates can work in finance, consulting, construction, or even luxury.

Personal choices, job offers, and the majors offered by each institution help you move in one area and not another. Occasionally, some business schools are easier to open doors to certain sectors.

Based on the 2021-2022 ranking of the largest business schools, l’Etudiant offers you an overview of the five sectors that are recruiting after the school of management.

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Five sectors that are gaining after business school

Using the table below, find the level of integration of 37 business schools with a master’s degree in five main professional sectors:

This dynamic infographic only counts Grande Ecole (PGE) alumni. Thus, those who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree are excluded. You can filter by institution or by field to identify management schools whose young graduates are entering the professional field you are targeting: finance, consulting, trade, industry, or luxury goods.

43% of ESSEC graduates work in consulting and auditing

Business school graduates many find their first job in consulting, auditing or design offices. Among the graduates of 2020 it is in ESSEC that they are most likely to take a position in this area with 43%. ESSCA is next, with 36% of 2020 graduates employed and they also work in the sector. Then comes ESCP with 33%, i.e. one graduate working in the field of consulting or audit out of three.

32% of SKEMA graduates work in finance, banking or insurance.

In finance, banking and insurance, SKEMA Business School is the institution that has housed the largest number of alumni (32%).. It is followed by HEC, where three out of ten graduates work in this field.

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Which business school to work in trade, distribution or industry?

With regard to trade and distribution, In 25 out of 37 business schools, more than 10% of graduates work in this sector.

Among those who placed the most we find ESCE (32%) and ISTEC (24%). 23% of 2020 EDC and Excelia BS graduates have chosen to work in trade or distribution.

The industry is also recruiting business school graduates

For young people with an interest in industry and construction, head to ISG where 27% of 2020 graduates found jobs in the sector. TBS Education follows with 23%. IDRAC and SCBS reach 22%.

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The luxury sector is a destination that attracts management school graduates

Students are attracted by another direction: luxury. In this industry, ICN finds differences from other institutions. Among the 2020 graduates working in the office, 27% work in the luxury sector. EDC and IPAG then take first place with a 15% share.