Bureau Veritas wants to be a leader in the development of guidelines and reports ESG, AG

“I usually start by presenting the highlights of the past year, but this is not enough to describe the world we have entered. “, announced Aldo Cardoso, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bureau Veritas, to his shareholders, opening the group’s general meeting, which took place on Friday. The health crisis, the war in Ukraine, the conclusion in China. All these events marked the beginning of the activity of a specialist in testing, inspection and certification thanks to its international presence and the many sectors in which it operates. But ” what tenacity! ”, welcomed the president, thanking his 82,000 employees.

In 2021, Bureau Veritas boasts a very satisfactory financial year. For the year, its revenue of almost 5 billion euros increased by 9.4% compared to the same indicators, and net debt is at its lowest level since the IPO in 2007. François Chabat, VP even higher if the group had not been cyberattacked last November. That is. However, compared to the previous year, three of the six business sectors recorded double-digit organic growth: +15.7% for consumer goods, +15.4% for certification, +11.8% for buildings and infrastructure. It should be noted that renewable energy activities currently exceed oil-related activities in terms of turnover, and that sustainability solutions, including the Clarity of Solution program, which allows “ avoid greenwashing “ account for 50% of sales,” stressed François Chabat.

Future leader of ESG?

An important moment for the group, emphasizing its non-financial performance. This was insisted by the managing director of the company, Didier Michaud-Daniel: Our goal is to become a leader in ESG “. Last February, the company was awarded the S&P Global Gold Class award, which rewards sustainable and successful companies, it entered the Euronext CAC40 ESG rating and intends to become a global benchmark in terms of smart cities, new forms of mobility by 2025 and traceability of supply chains.

Registration of its activities at the center of contemporary aspirations “themselves” at the core of your business “the group has no choice but to” be exemplary internally Aldo Cardoso said. Particularly in terms of management. One of the resolutions was to extend Didier Michaud-Daniel’s mandate until the next general meeting in 2023. At the end of this meeting, Hinda Gharbi, who gained experience at Schlumberger, will take over. ” This is the transition we’re arranging adds the president, who is pleased with the parity represented on his board of directors.

Stay disciplined

Looking ahead, management remains cautious. While there is room for growth, escalating geopolitical tensions or tight lockdown measures could slow business growth. And uncertainty about China’s health situation is not helping matters. ” We are very susceptible to the influence of economic cycles, so we remain extremely disciplined. “, notes Aldo Cardoso.

All decisions regarding the audit of accounts, remuneration and approval of directors, as well as the share buyback program, have received very wide acceptance. The only drawback is the compensation of the general manager, who voted with a result of only 70%. Shareholders will be paid a dividend of 53 euro cents per share, up 47% on the previous year.