Best Masters in Finance Ranking 2022

The World’s Best Masters in Finance 2022 has just been published. The Financial Times has published its annual list of the best finance courses for beginners. BUT ranging which marks French schools.

Which school offers the best Master of Finance degree in the world? The Financial Times may have just answered that question with its ranking of the most prestigious preparatory courses. What does it mean ? This is in line with all programs such as MS (Specialized Masters) or MSc (Master of Science), which do not necessarily require professional experience before joining them, rather European or even French features, as you can see in this ranking.

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Methodology for ranking the best masters in finance

To achieve this ranking of the best masters in finance, the Financial Times relied on several criteria. The weight of the criterion when establishing the prize list is indicated in brackets:

  • Current salary, in dollars (20%)
  • Salary increase after the end of the program (10%)
  • Return on investment (5%)
  • Salary increase (6%)
  • Program’s ability to meet student expectations (5%)
  • Service/career support (5%)
  • Employment rate after 3 months (5%)
  • Percentage of women in teaching staff (5%)
  • Percentage of women on the school board (1%)
  • Percentage of female students (5%)
  • Percentage of foreign teachers (5%)
  • Percentage of international students (5%)
  • Percentage of foreigners on the school board (1%)
  • Master’s ability to enable students to work internationally (8%)
  • International experience (8%)
  • Percentage of faculty with a Ph.D. (6%)

In order to achieve this ranking of the best Masters in Finance, the Financial Times also relies on other criteria that have no weight in the ranking, but they are all indicators to consider when choosing a study. We find the satisfaction rating of graduates, the possibility of doing an internship within the course or the duration of the program.

Best Masters in Finance Ranking 2022: Career Facilitating Schools

Of course, programs with prior experience stand out in this ranking of the best Masters in Finance. However, some still have the opportunity to gain some professional experience before joining these courses, through a fixed-term contract, short-term permanent contract, or study work. As such, the Financial Times celebrates the career advancement offered by Masters in Finance from business schools around the world.

EDHEC is the third best school in terms of career advancement due to its Masters in Finance. In second place is Warwick Business School (Great Britain). This is USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), which is at the top of the podium of masters in finance and offers the best career progression.

Moreover, when it comes to career support, French schools offer the best in the world. If the Otto Beisheim School of Management is in the third position according to this criterion, then the podium is monopolized by HEC Paris (2e) and ESCP (1uh).

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Masters in Finance who offer the best salary in 2022

When you invest in your studies, you expect a certain return on investment, especially in terms of salary. Which Masters in Finance offer the best salary in 2022? Before answering this question, know that it is important to note that the salaries displayed are for Masters of Finance graduates three years after graduation.

Sloan, the business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is at the top of the podium in this criterion. The annual salary of graduates of this school is $174,752 (€166,650). The top three is completed by the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University ($174,729). Finally, it is at HEC Paris that French students can find the most advantageous Master in Finance degree. The annual salary of graduates of the institution is 172,693 dollars (or 164,687 euros).

In addition, HEC Paris shows the largest wage growth (111%). However, it should be noted that it is quite rare for La Parisienne Masters in Finance graduates to have extensive work experience before joining this study. According to this criterion, the Warwick Business School (88%) and the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University (83%) are then on the podium.

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Ranking of the Best Masters in Finance: What about International?

The international aspect is an important component of training. Students want to be able to train while traveling and also start their careers abroad. Thus, to date, business schools with the largest number of foreign graduates are ESCP (1D), Saïd (Oxford Business School), which ranks second in this criterion, and HEC Paris.

In terms of international experience during the course, the best masters in finance are French! We find ESCP, which benefits from its multi-campus strategy, as does SKEMA, which 2ethen Rennes Business School.

Who is the best MSc in Finance in 2022? Alumni Satisfaction

If this criterion is not taken into account when compiling the ranking of the best masters in finance 2022, then this still indicates the quality of the program. So what is the best MSc in Finance in 2022 according to alumni? The first is the ESCP program, which received a score of 9.93/10. It is followed by the London Business School and the University of Liverpool School of Management, which scored 9.5/10.

Masters of Finance graduates are asked to evaluate the payback of their program. Did he really live up to their expectations? Did he bring the expected career growth? Unfortunately, according to this criterion, French schools are not very good. The podium consists of the Lucerne Business School (Switzerland), the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and the Tilburg University School of Economics and Management (Netherlands).

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Best Master in Finance: Where are the French Schools?

French schools rank quite well in this ranking of the best Masters in Finance in 2022. They occupy the first five places in the Financial Times ranking. It must be said that the masters of preliminary experience are more specific to us.

Thus, in the fifth position we find the EDHEC business school, then ESSEC (in the 4th place).e job title). In third place is SKEMA, which maintains its place in this ranking and stands out in particular for the strong internationalization of its faculty. The podium is equipped with ESCP (2e) and HEC Paris, which offers the world’s best master’s degree in finance.

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Full Ranking of the Best Masters in Finance

classify School Country Salary (in USD)
one HEC Paris France 172 693
2 ESCP Business School France 155 113
3 Skema Business School France 106 229
four Essek Business School France 127 967
5 Edek Business School France 116 514
6 Oxford University: Said Great Britain 140 319
7 School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University China 174 729
eight IE Business School Spain 134 033
9 London Business School Great Britain 127 695
9 MIT: Sloan US 174 752
eleven New School of Business and Economics Portugal 104 133
12 Warwick Business School Great Britain 92 285
13 SDA Bocconi/Bocconi University Italy 113 768
fourteen University of St. Gallen Swiss 117 415
fifteen WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management Germany 127.021
16 Imperial College Business School Great Britain 98 314
17 Catholic Lisbon School of Business and Economics Portugal 73 784
eighteen Esade Business School Spain 108 772
19 Peking University: Guanghua School of Management China 152 216
twenty Stockholm School of Economics Sweden 97 761
21 Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance under SJTU China 163 449
22 City, University of London: Bayes (formerly Cass) Great Britain 85 261
23 Rennes Business School France 66 209
24 Grenoble School of Management France 94.44
25 McGill University: Desautels Canada 91 952
26 Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Business School Ireland 69 908
27 Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Germany 109 094
28 HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne Spain 62 158
thirty Kozma University Poland 59 587
31 Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands 83 918
31 Eada Business School in Barcelona Spain 87 639
33 CUHK Business School Hong Kong 81.106
34 ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management Portugal 68 525
35 Vlerik Business School Belgium 80 461
36 University College Dublin: Smurfit Ireland 61 661
37 Swizzer Italiana University (USI) Swiss 66 515
38 Henley Business School Great Britain 59 156
39 School of Economics and Management at Lund University (Lusem) Sweden 67 428
40 Singapore Management University: Lee Kong Chian Singapore 60 607
41 School of Business Portugal 45 083
42 Edinburgh University School of Business Great Britain 68 847
43 University of Rochester: Simon Business School US 93 428
44 Cranfield School of Management Great Britain 72 666
45 University of Texas at Austin: McCombs US 100.68
46 Lancaster University School of Management Great Britain 61 072
47 Tilburg University, School of Economics and Management Netherlands 60 804
48 BI Norwegian Business School Norway 65 121
49 University of Porto – FEP | PBS Portugal 37 333
fifty University of Exeter Business School Great Britain 52 418
51 Lucerne Business School Swiss 86 286
52 University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Business School Netherlands 63 791
53 Durham University Business School Great Britain 43 772
54 University of Maryland: Smith US 66 267
55 Liverpool University School of Management Great Britain 33 435

Find all the data on the Financial Times website.