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How do you motivate your employees and how does this affect the efficiency of the company?

Any manager knows this: the women and men of the company are the most important and demanding asset. Their talents, their know-how and their ability to work together ensure success. A sign of the times: employee engagement is one of the main leading indicators of business performance. This commitment, far from the often cliched, is still very important and is based on three main elements: the quality of the organization, the meaning given to the work, and fairness. The deep quality of the organization needs a lot of attention: clarity of roles, clarity of priorities, selection of managers, encouragement of teamwork… When we reorganized Saint-Gobain by country three years ago, in particular we promote new management principles based on trust, empowerment and cooperation. This multi-seat organization gives teams autonomy based on the enhancement of their individual skills and knowledge in a given area. She has agility, flexibility, and strong adaptability—three very useful qualities in an environment where uncertainty is becoming the norm. The second important subject to encourage commitment is the value of each individual’s work as well as the work of the team. At Saint-Gobain, transforming construction to be more sustainable, energy and climate friendly is a mission shared by all. It has crystallized into our goal of Making the World a Better Place, which is both a compass and a driving force that gives everyone the desire to outdo themselves every day, as well as a common horizon that brings talent together. common reason. Finally, fairness is also an important engagement factor. Making safety and health in the workplace an absolute priority, ensuring equal treatment of men and women, creating extended social protection for every employee, regardless of country or position: Saint-Gobain acts on these issues. Through our CARE by Saint-Gobain program, we guarantee a minimum coverage of 80% care, or even 100% payment for at least fourteen weeks of maternity or adoption leave. Saint-Gobain also considers gender equality and diversity as a whole a priority, achieving consistent and significant progress: 48% women on the board of directors, almost 40% on the executive committee and 26.3% of women managers in 2021, as well as a new goal of 30 % by 2025.

What measures do you take to ensure the reliability of your suppliers on a social level?

This sense of social responsibility towards our employees is also evident among our stakeholders. As supply chains become more complex, the reliability of our suppliers, as well as their alignment with our own responsible sourcing practices and our values, is key. This is embodied in a demanding charter as well as an ethical warning system available to both employees and all stakeholders.

What is your social priority for the next twelve months?

Thus, the company is a social body that needs to be revitalized and strengthened every day. Our priorities for the coming months? Support our employees by always giving meaning to their actions in a more chaotic world and working towards well-being at work; attract the talent and skills needed to implement our strategy; and enable everyone, especially young people, to play their part to the fullest through quality development and training that helps them realize their talents. We will continue to fulfill these three priorities with our goal of “Making the world a better place” which is the best reason to get involved.

Fairness is a key factor in interaction

Fairness is a key factor in interaction