Amazon Stock Review (AMZN) – Should You Invest Now?

Amazon Price (AMZN): What is the current price?

Here is a live course from Amazon. See also: (ALENT) Action Notice – Should You Buy Now? Our opinion, analysis and forecast 2022.

It became known 1uh July European Commission in informedsaying it follows a dialogue between Brussels, national consumer protection authorities and the American giant.

The platform will now allow EU consumers to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime with just two clicks, using a clear and prominent “cancel button”.

Long live Europe! 🇪🇺 Brussels made Amazon much easier to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime, which will now be done in two clicks using the big “Cancel” button.

Original 2021 complaint

Last April, the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), the Norwegian Consumer Council and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue filed a complaint with Brussels about Amazon’s attitude. ” The reported practice of unsubscribing consisted of a large number of barriers to unsubscribing, including complicated navigation menus, biased wording, confusing choices, and repetitive nudges. “, – explained in a press release.

Brussels imposes simplified unsubscribe from Prime on Amazon. Okay, how are the others? Do I need to file a complaint every time?

Note that Brussels will continue to monitor the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the American giant so that the company complies with European consumer legislation.

In a recent research note, JP Morgan reiterated its positive view on Amazon stock with a buy offer and a price target of $175.

Opinion on what is driving down Amazon stock (AMZN)

Amazon stock could be negatively impacted by a number of factors. See article: Opinion OVH Share (OVH) – Is it worth investing now? Our opinion, analysis and forecast 2022.

  • Falling purchasing power in the US

  • Social scandals associated with the group

  • class action

  • Breach of security of Amazon products and services

  • Quarterly results worse than expected

Opinion on what makes Amazon stock rise (AMZN)

Amazon stock could be positively impacted by a number of factors. Read also: Laurentian Bank (LB) shared his opinion: is it worth investing now? Our opinion, analysis and forecast 2022.

  • Announcement of new products or services

  • Group diversification

  • Increase in group sales

  • Advances in the cloud

Concluding Our Opinion on Amazon Stock: Is It a Good Investment?

Amazon Medium Term Action Notice

Many analyzes have been done by experts who expect Amazon’s price to be $250 in 2022. But we think $200 is realistic given that the cloud business will grow even more in 2022.

Amazon stock long-term review

Andy Jassi, the new CEO of Amazon, has been hailed as the father of the cloud and had the idea in 2005. That’s why we believe the cloud will drive Amazon’s growth as companies become more digital in the years to come.

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