Alexandre Merieux: “Sponsorship promotions in health ecosystems”, Company News

How do you motivate your employees and how does this affect the efficiency of the company?

The raison d’être of bioMérieux is a source of motivation for our 13,000 employees. We are doing our part to improve public health around the world and ensure that everyone is aware of the important role they play in this collective commitment. All functions of the company are important and we encourage teamwork in the service of a long-term vision. Motivation also includes rewards related to company growth, multiple opportunities for internal mobility, training courses or even intra-business programs, while ensuring diversity, inclusiveness and well-being – to be at work. Covid-19 is still here, but we are preparing for the next world and implementing new ways of working. We continue to be attentive to the expectations of our employees, for example through a large-scale internal survey launched this year, and engage them in the process of continuous improvement. Our goal is to offer a unique experience that embodies our spirit of innovation, encourage commitment, mobilize and develop the skills needed to move forward, and in so doing, increase the impact of everyone in the public health service.

What, in your opinion, should be the public role of your company, and what steps have you taken in this direction?

Companies are actors in the city. Since its inception in 1963, bioMérieux has fully embraced the role of responsible corporate citizen. We are lucky that the sector of activity – health – is in full growth, which allows us to participate in all ecosystems where we are present through sponsorship. We support not only public health action through the Mérieux Foundation, but also initiatives that target vulnerable populations, such as Entreprise des Possibles, which helps the homeless. Our commitment also connects us to the environment: climate change and globalization are greatly accelerating the emergence and spread of infectious diseases. By providing innovative in vitro diagnostic solutions, we help clinicians improve patient care and manufacturers ensure the quality of their products. We are convinced that by taking into account our entire ecosystem and common interests, we can build a healthier world and a more inclusive society.

What is your social and/or social priority for the next twelve months?

In an uncertain economic and medical environment, our priority is to care for our employees, listening to their opinions and ensuring their well-being. Overall, as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, we have made ten key commitments to enhance our positive impact on the world. In health, we want to increase by 30% by 2025 the number of results from our tests that support the prudent use of antibiotics to combat antibiotic resistance. To reduce our impact on the climate and the environment, we are on a 1.5°C trajectory by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. Finally, we will increase our positive impact on communities with our €20 million donation. An Education Fund launched in 2021 through which our employees can participate by supporting local associations.

Patronage in health ecosystems

Patronage in health ecosystems