9 million euros worth of goods sold in one evening Ikory

At its first “Investment Evening”, designed for private investors interested in real estate at discounted prices, Ikory Properties sold 17 lots and achieved a turnover of 9 million euros.

On Wednesday, June 22, the first Investment Evening took place at the Salons du Fouquet in Paris. This new private property concept launched by Ikory has enabled many investors to take advantage of a selection of 53 properties (apartments, premises and buildings) at discounted prices. First test converted for Ikory Properties, Ikory’s pole of sale by lot, with a total turnover of 9 million euros at the end of this evening, with 17 lots sold.

Private sale for revaluation of investment in an old residential

The volume of sales achieved during Investment Evening shows that investors are favoring properties with investment strategies that have changed since the health crisis.

As a key player in the residential real estate market, Ikory has been able to understand and anticipate a wide range of investor needs, offering products that meet the evolution of this demand. Each investor was able to find properties that fit his vision of investment: tax exemption, profitability, or realization of capital gains in the long term. By opening these investment evenings based on the principle of private sale applied to the real estate sector, Ikory wants to revalue investments in old residential properties and, in particular, emphasize interest in long-term occupied properties.

Advantage of occupied housing for investment

Particular attention of visitors was attracted by the purchase of already occupied old housing. They offer many benefits, such as the possibility of receiving a significant discount depending on the length of the rental. In addition, these properties tend to be ideally located (many sites inside Paris), in well maintained and quality buildings. They also benefit from a reliable tenant history on site. As a guarantee of quality, most of the products offered on the evening of June 22 come from funds or institutional investors who optimize their portfolios by selling multiple assets.

Thus, with the same quality, occupied housing is sold on average 8-15% less, depending on the lease term. The discount even reached 27% for long-term rentals occupied by the elderly.

For example, a Parisian apartment of 70 m² with a terrace and parking in the 15th arrondissement, in the heart of the Convention district, was offered for €675,000, or €9,286/m², thanks to a temporary discount of 8%. Similarly, in the 18th arrondissement, apartments over 65 m2 were given significant discounts (between 22 and 27%), allowing them to benefit from a price per m2 of less than 8,000 euros, which is quite rare for Rue Marcade. which fixes an average price of 10,500 euros in 2022. (price estimate per m2 seloger.com).

Purchase of group lots or commercial premises, search for rental yield

Attracted by the opportunity of this private property sale, some of the participants rushed to reserve small areas or commercial premises in order to achieve a high profit strategy. Not surprisingly, properties located in Cannes left early in the evening, in clustered lots, mostly reserved by net investors, who took the opportunity to invest in this convention city’s dynamic, non-rental control market. Commercial premises located in Asnières-sur-Seine in the Hauts-de-Seine also quickly found buyers given their location and estimated gross yields (between 4% and 5.8% depending on the area).

For example, by investing in an 18 m2 studio in Cannes for only 140,000 euros (thanks to a 2% discount), an investor can expect a gross margin of 8.8%, which is much higher than when renting in Paris.

Invest in new things to take advantage of tax exemption schemes

In addition to most of the old property, several new unfinished lots have also attracted people looking for tax-exempt products. For example, four proposed apartments, some of which are located in Pinel, were quickly booked. Located in Bondy, Saint-Denis, and Montesson, in Yvelines, these plots, ranging from studios to 4-room apartments, offer a potential yield of 3.8 to 5.9%.

With an additional discount exclusively for one evening, it became possible to invest just 8 km from Paris to the northeast in a new 3-room apartment (rental at the beginning of 2024) of 66 m2, with a terrace of 5 m2, for 256,070 euros.

“This first private sale allowed us to meet investors from a wide range of backgrounds. From an aspiring investor looking to get to know Stone, to seasoned families who have come to complete an already solid rental portfolio. And all ages says Wakass Makbool, director of Ikory Properties.

At its first investment evening, Ikory succeeded in its bet: awakening investors’ curiosity for this new way of buying and attracting new clients, sometimes newbies, but ready to embark on a real estate investment adventure.